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LISD District Design Contest Winners / LISD Reel Voices Nominees

Congratulations to Mrs. Kidd and the following McKamy theater students for their recent awards at the LISD Middle School District Design Contest:


Bella Monserrat - 1st Place, Costume Design

Erica Bang - 2nd Place, Costume Design

Kylie Callaway - Honorable Mention, Marketing Design



Wow! Check out all the McKamy students nominated for LISD Reel Voices Awards. The Awards Ceremony will be May 16th 7:30pm at the MCL Grand in Lewisville. Good luck to all of you!

Middle School Film Festival Nominees
Middle School Nominees - Animation
Charlie, Josey Lansdell, Emily Haddad, Victoria Barnes, McKamy MS 

Middle School Nominees - Documentary
Vaping: It's Not Just Water Vapor, Kunju Menon, Colin King, McKamy MS
Human Trafficking, Fatima Manzar, Sarah Jacob, Katie Rolen, McKamy MS
Think and Drive, Amey Sharma, Noah Stanley, Ryan Surdek, Grant Rankin, McKamy MS
The Hunt For Happiness, Josey Lansdell, McKamy MS
Why Acts of Kindness Result in Happiness, Kunju Menon, McKamy MS

Middle School Nominees - Persuasion
Gun Control, Riley Grippo, Chloe Mathai, Katia Vargas, Haleigh Warner, McKamy MS
Journal Your Way to Happiness, Tina Luo, McKamy MS
Why You Should Be Kind, Kunju Menon, McKamy MS

Middle School Nominees - PSA
Have You Seen Me? Zora Lahlou, Mehreen Chowdhury, Meera Sengottiyan, Cat-Linh Ho, McKamy MS
Now You See Me, Now You Don’t, Anishka Ande, London Stock, McKamy MS
Saving the World-Drop By Drop, Piece By Piece, Yiru Zhou, Isabelle Monserrat, Riddhi Panthi, McKamy MS
A Stand for Gender Equality, Tina Luo, Krista Vasconcellos, McKamy MS

Middle School Nominees - Story
Dear Insecurities, Riley Grippo, Chloe Mathai, Camille Nguyen, Jack Petersen, Brenden Kline, McKamy MS
Do Dreams Come True?, Logan Haverkamp, Jaydan Sena, Taysir Jallad, Luke Spalding, Emma Bitzer, Addison Gunn, McKamy MS
Foray Flick, Keaton Shaffer, Seth Buraglio, Erwin Kingston, Nikhil Sampath, Mickale Seyler, McKamy MS
The Tale of Two Witches, Kylie Callaway, Asia Frascoli, Berkley Broeker, Shelby Mays, Ethan Nault, McKamy MS

Middle School Honorable Mentions
Domestic Abuse Among Teens, Kate Bowen, Ana Destasio, Jessica Antonacci, McKamy MS
Bloody Mary, Jane Zhao, Lahari Guduru, McKamy MS