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Lamar Middle School’s December Student of the Month


Lamar Middle School’s December Student of the Month

Presented on Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Camila Cortes-Piñedo is a breath of fresh air. After reaching out to Camila’s 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teachers, they could not say enough about how hard-working she is and praised her extraordinary ability to make conscious decisions that benefit those around her. Even though she is quiet, she is truly thoughtful.

Camila is the Lamar Orchestra president and the 1st violinist in the top orchestra. She is also an elite athlete, volunteers to collaborate with other students on their academics without being asked. She is an amazing leader by always stepping up to help whomever. She doesn’t even know the impact that she is not only making on other students, but also the teachers.

Last year Camila’s math teacher asked her to tutor a new student from Venezuela who spoke limited English and struggled in math for STAAR tutoring. Her teacher watched Camila patiently work with the student sometimes speaking in English and sometimes translating phrases into Spanish to help the student make connections. The student worked hard to please her and responded well to her strategies. At the same time, the two built a friendship that under normal circumstances probably wouldn’t have happened. Even after tutoring was complete, the student would ask about Camilla, and the teacher often saw the two talking before and after school.

Camila continually inspires all of us with her contagious attitude and kindness.

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