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Hebron Announces Updates to Brian Brazil Stadium Guidelines

Several new guidelines have been introduced to ensure a safer, more enjoyable experience for fans.

In collaboration with LISD Safety and Security and the Carrollton Police Department, Hebron High School has announced several gameday changes to help create a safe and enjoyable experience at all levels of HHS football games at Brian Brazil Stadium. 

Fans will notice additional security at the games in addition to the updated stadium guidelines. Hebron appreciates fan support and partnership as the following changes are immediately implemented:

  • All middle school and high school students must be wearing their school-issued IDs to enter a game.

  • Students must be in the stands during game play. No loitering or playing under the stands.

  • No backpacks are to be brought in or stored at the facility. Students with a backpack will be turned away.

  • Students must be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of the game, or they will not be permitted to attend future events.

  • No outside food or drink, except unopened/sealed water bottles.

  • No outside footballs or other recreational items are allowed into events.

  • Any inappropriate behavior or violation of event rules will result in removal from the event.

Fans may notice an increase in the time it takes to enter each game, and are asked to plan accordingly. Patience is appreciated from Hebron football fans as these new guidelines and expectations are put in place.

Thank you for your continued support of Hebron High School and Hawk Football!