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Lewisville ISD Announces Name of New Elementary on Mill Street

MillStRendering The new school is set to open Fall 2019

Dec. 12, 2018 — Naming a school is an important moment for communities, especially in a community like Lewisville, a city full of rich history and long-standing traditions. College Street Elementary, a school located in the downtown Lewisville area, has played an integral role in the community for decades. Thousands of students have attended College Street over the years, and the school will forever be a part of the city’s and Lewisville ISD’s history.

However, with growing student populations at nearby schools and the inability to expand the current College Street campus, LISD was recently faced with a unique situation and needed to consider the future of College Street Elementary. The district ultimately decided to repurpose the current College Street campus for other use and build a new elementary school in downtown Lewisville. This new elementary would be located on Mill Street, in between Purnell Street and High School Drive, but what would its name be?

Over the summer, the LISD Board of Trustees formed a committee to find a name that captured the character and history of downtown Lewisville. After conducting extensive research and receiving suggestions from the City of Lewisville and current College Street staff, the committee brought forth four options, all of which carried historical significance — Bethel Elementary, Mill Street Elementary, Milliken Elementary and Pecan Grove Elementary.

Understanding the importance of the name of this new school, the committee wanted input from families who attend Lewisville schools, the City of Lewisville staff, local businesses and other Lewisville residents. A survey was created for community members to select from the four options or submit their own suggestion, as the committee was open to a name outside the original recommendations.

Nearly 600 responses were received, with the majority voting for Mill Street Elementary (199 votes) and Pecan Grove Elementary (180 votes). The committee moved forward with a final recommendation of Mill Street Elementary. The LISD Board of Trustees approved the name of Mill Street Elementary, as it represents the school’s geographic location and the storied history of downtown Lewisville.

Opening the 2019-2020 school year, Mill Street Elementary will be the new home for students currently zoned to College Street Elementary. The new school, which was approved in the May 2017 Bond Referendum, allows for an expansion of the current College Street attendance zone and will help prevent overcrowding at other nearby campuses.