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Students Create Memorable Morning for Lewisville Police Department’s SWAT Team

Group at Hedrick Middle School surprise officers with breakfast, conversation and smiles.

Members of Lewisville Police Department’s SWAT (special weapons and tactics) team were happy to be visiting Hedrick Middle School first thing in the morning on Nov. 15. As far as the 14 officers knew, they were going to be speaking to a group of students about what all their job entails and bringing a SWAT vehicle to show them. However, the students had other plans all along.

When the SWAT team members arrived, 14 student leaders – from all three grades – greeted them with cheers and handshakes outside the front doors. From there, they escorted the officers to the library, where a hot breakfast and several thank you cards awaited.

The students sat down with the officers and talked to them one-on-one while they enjoyed their bacon, biscuits, gravy, hash browns, sausage, coffee and orange juice. After the meal and a group photo, the students even invited the officers to help with the morning announcements. It set the tone for a positive day for the entire school.

To return the favor, the SWAT team members invited the student leaders outside to let them tour their SWAT vehicle and take a short ride through the parking lot. The smiles were endless.

“I’ve been a police officer for 21 years and SWAT team member for 17 and a half – this is one of the coolest events we’ve ever had,” LPD SWAT Commander Bill Wawro said. “The students did an excellent job. Watching the team interact with them during breakfast was a really positive experience and emotional, even.”

SWAT2 Eighth grader Sophia Shuff valued the entire morning, especially the interactions at breakfast.

“This was a special experience,” Shuff said. “The best part was the breakfast – getting to talk to them and know them.”

The students, who had planning help from Principal Barbara Hamric and SRO (school resource officer) Anderson Rock, pulled off a successful surprise. Not only did they say it was one they would never forget, but it was one that was necessary.

“I can’t even describe how fun this was,” 8th grader Noah Rutledge said. “This was really important for us to do. The police officers have done so much for us, so it was only fair we do something for them.”

To watch a video recap on YouTube, click here.