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Daily Announcements 03/13/20

We are on an early release schedule today, as we prepare for Spring Break. After 8th period, students will have the choice of 4 locations for their last hour of school. Location #1 is the main gym, where for the low price of $1, students can watch the Dodgeball tournament. Locations #2 is the cafeteria, where students can chat with their friends. Location #3 is the library, where students can read books quietly. Location #4 is room 1-2/104, where students can play board games or work quietly. ALL of the locations are POWER OFF, which means students MAY NOT have their cell phones or other technology with them.

Early Release is at 1:00 pm. There are no after-school programs tomorrow, so please ensure that your student has a way to return home after the bell. Busses will be running their usual routes. 


Crayola is recycling dried up markers for a new program called Color Cycle. NJHS will be collecting the dried up markers to assist with Color Cycle. Boxes will be set up in the foyer and cafeteria. We will be collecting markers for the remainder of the school year, so there will be plenty of time to turn some in! Please help by turning in your dried up markers. Thank you!


Are you meant to be a star? Do you love to be in the spotlight? Can you dance, sing, act, play an instrument, or have another talent? Well, have we got a show for you! A show that’s good enough to be performed…on Broadway! 

This year’s Talent Show theme is “On Broadway!” So grab your friends and put together a dance routine, a duet, an ensemble, a skit, or get your solo ready for this year’s auditions. All music and acts must be school appropriate and can be from past to present. Please see Mrs. King or Mrs. Rose for any questions and to sign up for an audition spot by Thursday March 12th. Auditions will be held on Tuesday March 24th, so start preparing!


Hola! Do you need extra help with your Spanish work? Are you struggling to understand your daily Spanish activities? The Spanish Club is offering tutoring in room 302 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:15 to 8:45.

See you there!


Guidelines for Lunch with Your Student:

  1. Please be seated at the designated "Visitor Tables" in the cafeteria.
  2. Parents may only provide food for their own children.
  3. Parents should sit with their child in the designated Visitor area. Other students will not be permitted to eat in the designated area without their parents.
  4. If purchasing a lunch from the school cafeteria parents will be required to pay an adult fee for the lunch, $3.00.
  5. Visitations must take place during the student's scheduled lunch times; students will not be taken from a classroom to share an unscheduled lunch with their parents.
  6. Grandparents may join students for lunch with consent from the parents/guardians of the student.
  7. Siblings wishing to eat lunch must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Siblings attending college or in military service may visit for lunch with parent/guardian consent.


What time does my student have lunch?


(Regular Schedule)

8th Grade: 11:30

7th Grade: 12:20

6th Grade: 1:10



(Advisory Schedule)

8th Grade: 11:13

7th Grade: 11:59

6th Grade: 12:45