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A Great First Week of School!!! DMS Report, 8/17

Greetings Dragon Nation Families,


It has been a great first week of school. I hope you have had a chance to speak with your children about their classes and some great experiences.  


Friday is Cool Kicks (shoes) Day. We want our students to wear their coolest shoes to school. 


Attached is a flyer with information about ordering online tickets for Athletic Events.
Middle School Ticket Flyer
We will not be able to accept cash or checks at the gate. You will have to purchase tickets online.  


Here are a few things we want to make you aware of:

1. IDs: We are still working on each student getting a school-issued ID. Once they receive an ID, they should have either a blue-car rider, red-walker, or green-bus rider sticker on the back of their ID.


2. iPads: Students must have a device every day in order to learn. Please make sure the iPad fee is paid. If you are new or recently ordered an Ipad, we will be working to get your student an iPad as soon as possible. If students do not have a device, they need to go to the library to check one out in the morning before school. 


3. Please make sure you have applied for free and reduced lunch:    Free and reduced lunch application link: This must be done each year. 


4. Back-to-school forms and Acceptable Use Policy must be done. Students may have their iPads picked up on August 26th if these forms are not complete.  


5.  Pick up in front of school:  Our Car line has been moving great. Please help everyone by watching for traffic directors in the parking lot. We ask that you please pull forward as far as possible. This allows us to load multiple vehicles at a time.   


We are looking forward to a phenomenal year. Thank you for working with us.