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Fire Alarm Activated & Evacuation, 10/13/21

Durham Families, 


I wanted to let you know that our campus had a fire alarm go off today, Wednesday, Oct. 13, before our school day began. All students and staff who already arrived on campus safely evacuated. The Lewisville Fire Department quickly arrived and determined it was a false alarm, caused by a fire extinguisher used in the locker room area. We are investigating this issue to determine what occurred.  LFD cleared the building and deemed it safe for all students and staff to return to their normal schedule. I want to thank the LFD for ensuring the safety of our students and staff. I am grateful for their fast response. I am very thankful as well for our student's and staff's response to this situation.  We strive to ensure safety for all students and staff as well as holding a high expectation for our students.   


Many schools across our state have encountered issues with social media challenges, which have encouraged students to destroy school property or even assault school staff. I am grateful we have not experienced that at Durham, and ask for your help to emphasize to our students how important it is to take care of our school, including other students, teachers and staff. 


Thank you for your continued support of our campus.



Gary Holt

Principal, Durham Middle School