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Dragon Nation News, 8/13 and 8/14

We had a great first day of school.   Thank you to all students.   I was proud of some of our 7th and 8th graders for being leaders and assisting our new 6th grade family members.   We are thankful to have you be a part of the Dragon Nation.
Wednesday is college shirt day.   We ask out teachers and students to wear their favorite college t-shirt or attire.  
Thursday is Dress for Success.  We ask teachers and students to dress like they were going for a job interview for a professional position.  
This Friday is  picture day so please have students dress for pictures to be taken.
Buses-   If your child rides the bus we ask that you please be patient through the first days of school.  Yesterday buses ran late due to new students and getting addresses down for all routes.   Our buses run 2 routes before they get to us in the morning and afternoon.  They are running an Elementary route and High School route.  Due to this they may be a little off schedule the first couple of days.  
It was another great day at Durham Middle School.   Thank you to our students and teachers.  We focused heavily in discussing what respect looks like and sounds like.   
We also passed out some very important supplies today.  Your child should have received a 3 inch binder, 5 color coded folders and 1 planner.  The folders and planner should be in the binder.   Each folder should be labeled red-math, blue- ELA, green-Science, yellow- social studies, purple-electives.  Your child should have their name on the folders and planners.  
Buses ran a little smoother today.   
Keep having discussions with your student about their day at school.   Ask them what their favorite class is and why. 
Tomorrow is Dress for Success.  We encourage our students to dress like they are going in for a job interview.   You may be able to have a discussion with them about this.  
Reminder that school pictures are this Friday.  
Thanks for  being a part of the Dragon Nation.