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Briarhill Traffic Pattern Change

Starting November 4th, we will be changing the traffic pattern for afternoon dismissal due to construction on the north side of the building near the portable and the closing of the Unity Park parking lot for approximately five (5) months. This construction will close the north driveway for several months, move the bus pick-up to the front of the school, and cause all non bus riders to be picked up in the back of the building. The map you have been provided shows how traffic will flow in the afternoons. This construction will not affect morning drop off in the front loop of the building, but we ask you to follow the instructions for afternoon pickup very closely. Starting November 4th, you will be asked to do the following, and please refer to your map for further clarification:

  1. Enter the south drive as usual but continue to the back of the building and follow the green line on your map.
  2. Continue to the back of the parking lot and turn left.
  3. Continue straight until you reach the construction area and turn left.
  4. Make another left at the curb line of the building and begin the pickup line along the curb line on the back of the school.
  5. After you pick up your student, go back out the way you came in along the south side of the building.
  6. When you get to the front of the school, turn right and drive down the front loop of the school and exit at the north exit as usual.


  • Do not park in the parking lot and wait for your student.
  • You may pick up anywhere along the yellow highlighted area on the map.
  • As always, please pull as far forward to maximize our pick-up line space.
  • Please drive slowly in the front loop as this is where the buses will be picking up students, and they will exit in the same direction as all other traffic.
  • When coming to the building for visits, you will be allowed to park in the front parking lot.
  • Please keep in mind you may not pick up your student in the Chicken Express, Dental Depot, DATCU, or Districts parking lots or on certain sides of the streets across from Briarhill.
  • Since the Unity Park lot will be closed, you may consider getting in the pickup line or finding another location not mentioned to pick up your student.

Click below for MAP.

Briarhill - Pick up Route.pdf 

Thank you for your courtesy!