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Scoliosis Screening

Scoliosis screening will be done on November 7th, 2018 at BMS
This includes all 8th grade  boys/ 7th  grade girls  that  were  not  twelve at  6th grade screening  and  6th grade  girls  that  will be  turning  12  by  Dec. 31, 2018.  These  students  will be  screened  unless they  provide an exam  form  by their Physician .
If you do not  want  your  child screened  due to  religious  reasons  please  contact  the  Nurse  by  November  1st .
 You will be  notified if your child does  not pass the  screening: This  screening  procedure does not  replace your  child’s  need  for  regular  Health  care and  check-ups.