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LISD Profile: Director of Network, Infrastructure, and Cyber Security Chris Langford

cl Check out the profile about Lewisville ISD Director of Network, Infrastructure, and Cyber Security Chris Langford, who discusses his favorite thing about Lewisville ISD; what he enjoys doing in his spare time; and something most people do not know about him. Langford, who is in his first year with LISD, has nearly 14 years of combined experience in the technology and education fields.


Lewisville ISD (LISD): What has the experience been like thus far as Director of Network, Infrastructure, and Cyber Security?


Chris Langford (CL): Working at LISD has been a great experience. Everyone is committed to providing a great educational environment for students so they can be successful. It is great to work with such passionate and dedicated individuals at all levels of the district.


LISD: What is your favorite thing about being a part of Lewisville ISD?


CL: The Technology team in LISD is top notch, and I have really enjoyed working with them. They are experienced and very good at what they do. It is a lot of fun to be a part of such a great team.


LISD: What motivates you on a daily basis?


CL: Since I used to be a teacher, I always try to think about how decisions will affect students and teachers before making them. Knowing what I do has a positive impact on the educational environment for thousands of people is a great motivator. Even though I am not directly in the classroom, making it easier for teachers to reach and teach students is something I strive for on a daily basis.


LISD: Growing up, was there an educator who specifically impacted your life?


CL: My elementary school principal, Mr. Robert Estes. He took a personal interest in the lives of all the students in our school. He also encouraged the teachers to find creative ways to teach that involved more than just sitting behind a desk. For example, he would have 5th and 6th grade classes re-enact the battle of the Alamo for all the other students in the school. Those types of activities were not only fun but also highly educational.


LISD: If you could be any storybook character, who would you be? Why?


CL: Gimli from The Lord of the Rings. He has it all: honor, loyalty, tenaciousness and humor.


LISD: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?


CL: I enjoy spending time with my five-year old daughter and two-year old son, hanging out with family and friends, playing games, watching sports, and going to the movies with my wife.


LISD: What is one thing that most would not know about you?


CL: I love watching competition cooking shows like Top Chef, Next Iron Chef and The Great British Baking Show with my wife.


LISD: What has been your greatest success or favorite moment since entering the education field?


CL: For years I was the Cisco Networking Academy Instructor for another school district. I love it whenever one of my former students connects with me through LinkedIn and they are working in the IT field. It is a blessing to know that I played a part in them entering into and succeeding in an IT career.


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