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Thursday, March 5th ACMS Color Run 6 - 8pm

ACMS will be having a community color run fundraiser. We encourage family and even friends who don't attend ACMS to join in on the excitement. The cost is $25.00 a person, but you get to enjoy a grade level color run, receive the color run t-shirt, and three color packets for the participation in the color battle party. A DJ, Food Trucks, and Vendor booths will all be in on the fun! More information will be released this week on how to begin purchasing your color run packages. Invite neighbors, family, and friends; it's going to be oh so fun!

Color Run

If you own a small business or enjoy selling items that you make, then we would love to have you rent a space for our vendor booths. Rent a space in the cafe for $50.00, and you keep the profit. If interested, email our PTA rep, Deborah Vary at