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ACMS Office Policies for Parents




The Arbor Creek staff welcomes you to the new school year.  To help school operate smoothly and to reduce educational interruptions, we ask parents and students to abide by the following policies:

Lunch Drop Off

Parents may drop off their student’s lunch in the front office at the designated drop off area.  Parents may NOT drop off food for other students.


Lunch Visitors

Only persons listed as an emergency contact may have lunch with their student.  Other visitors must have approval 24 hours in advance from Mrs. Finch, at the request of the legal guardian. Please sign in at the front office and sit at the tables designated for visitors and their student.  Guardians may ONLY bring food for their student and MAY NOT include other students at the table.


Money Drop Off

The Arbor Creek staff CANNOT accept money for a student.  If guardians need to leave money for lunch, they must put the money in a “Meal Payment” envelope and place in the Cafeteria payment box at the front office.


Item Drop off for Students

Guardians may drop off school related items in the front office for students to pick up. Items will be delivered during the student’s lunch. Items dropped off after lunch may be picked up by the student between classes. You may text your student to let them know you have dropped off an item for them. No items will be delivered to students during class. We cannot accept money or cell phones.


The office WILL NOT accept the following deliveries: 

  • Cell Phones
  • Meal Delivery Service 
  • Flowers/Birthday Gifts
  • Money
  • Food for Classmates
  • Any Miscellaneous Items

Lost and Found

Arbor Creek maintains a lost and found for items students misplace.  Electronics, money, jewelry and expensive items are locked in the front office.  Other items are in the 200 hallway under the stairway.  Please encourage your student to check with the front office for assistance. All unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity at the end of each month.