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New Playground Rules

The recess changes have been needed for some time due to an increase of injuries. We’re not just talking about scraped knees, but concussions and broken limbs.  Unfortunately, Wellington led the West Zone in playground-related injuries over a 6-month period. This is a statistic we’re not proud of. Yes, we have a lot of students at Wellington  -- we’re one of the largest elementary schools in LISD. However, these new changes aren’t just a result of numbers but rather, “What can we do to increase safety?  How do we make our campus safer?”  Our students are our number one priority and we need to make their surroundings as safe as possible. 

The rules implemented aren’t necessarily “new” rules but more “common sense” rules. All administration, faculty and students have reviewed and implemented the new recess rules.  And guess what?  All injuries immediately declined. 
  1. Empty Hands- Don’t dig in the dirt for sticks or rocks. Leave nature alone
  2. On the Grass Go; Everywhere Else Slow- All kids can run on the grassy area (soccer field, etc). It’s vast, it’s wide and there’s room to move!  But students need to slow down and walk everywhere else on the playground – this includes the woodchips. Why?  Well, if you take a close look, the woodchips are where the playground equipment is and it’s a recipe for disaster if students are running in and out of tight spaces. This is typically where head bumps and concussions occur because students aren’t paying attention while running and can’t react fast enough.
  3. Use Equipment As Designed- This is pretty self-explanatory – don’t stand while swinging, don’t sit on top of the playgroup equipment, don’t hang off the parallel bars.
  4. Head Up, Feet Down- Again, common sense when using the playground equipment. This especially pertains to using the slide (feet first and down, while on your bottom) and parallel bars.
If you’d like to see a quick and fun video that was made by students, for students, be sure to click Recess Video