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Wellington Elementary Teacher Creates Unique Way to Connect with Student

Butler travels to student’s house for sidewalk math lesson.

WES1 When she realized one of her students was having a difficult time connecting to a Webex class meeting for a math lesson, Wellington Elementary teacher Heather Butler was determined to do something about it – and she did.

As soon as the online meeting ended, Butler reached out to Sam Smith’s parents. The next thing you know, she had her tennis shoes on and was headed to the fourth-grader’s house.

After the short walk in Flower Mound, Butler met Smith on his sidewalk – staying six-feet apart, of course. She brought all the supplies needed for the math lesson that focused on multiplication facts and long division problem solving. The two sat outside on the beautiful April day and got all the at-home learning work done.

“I was impressed with Sam’s effort to try to join the class meeting, but the technology just wasn’t cooperating,” Butler said. “Routine practice of math skills is essential to the improvements he has made this school year and I didn’t want him to miss out on this opportunity.”

Butler was also happy to try and brighten Smith’s day – something she would be happy to do for any of her students.

“I knew Sam had a particularly difficult day and I also wanted to spend some time with him in person,” Butler said. “I want all my students to know that I still care about them and their learning despite the current circumstances of COVID-19.”

Smith’s mother, Samantha, said what Butler did shows what kind of teacher and person she is.

“Mrs. Butler always provides extra math skills to Sam, but this was way above the call of duty,” Samantha Smith said. “We are so grateful for her!”

Butler’s actions are no surprise to Wellington Elementary administrators, including Principal Tami Braun.

“Mrs. Butler is amazing and truly goes above and beyond for her students every day,” Braun said. “She is another example of how our Lewisville ISD teachers will not let any obstacle get in the way of teaching our students.”