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Lewisville ISD School Board Calls November Election

Propositions will Reduce the Budget Deficit, Address Aging Facilities, Safety, Technology & More

At a special-called board meeting on August 16, the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to include a Bond Election and a Voter Approval Tax Rate Ratification Election (VATRE) on the November 7 ballot. Registered voters residing within Lewisville ISD boundaries will be asked to consider a total of seven propositions that would generate additional funding to support educational programs and conduct maintenance, repairs and renovations across the district. If voters approve all six bond propositions (totaling $1.23B) and the VATRE, the total tax rate will be 10.6 cents lower than last year’s tax rate, a double-digit decrease in the total rate. 

“I am so grateful for the action our Board took at this special meeting to address funding challenges we are seeing not only here in Lewisville ISD, but in public schools across Texas,” Superintendent of School Dr. Lori Rapp said. “We are committed to doing everything we can to maintain the level of student experience and student learning we are accustomed to in LISD. The next step in that effort is asking voters to consider this VATRE and bond.”

Lewisville ISD residents will vote on the propositions during Early Voting, October 23 – November 3, and on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7. 


After months of reviewing financial predictions and studying the state’s school funding system, the LISD Board of Trustees is asking voters to approve a VATRE to sustain competitive pay for staff, and maintain student instructional and extracurricular opportunities and programs of choice. These opportunities and programs typically include student programs like Career and Technical Education (CTE), STEM instruction, world languages, leadership classes, fine arts and athletics.

The state legislature has not taken any action to increase per student funding since 2019 and as a result, without access to additional revenue, LISD faces a $48M deficit budget that would impact student instructional and program opportunities. The district has already undertaken cost-cutting measures to help close the deficit as it asks voters to consider additional funding through the VATRE. 

If approved, the new tax rate will generate an estimated $37.5 million for LISD students and teachers. Because the state has announced it will compress LISD’s Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Tier 1 tax rate to the lowest possible amount at $0.6192, the total LISD tax rate will be 11.7% or 10.6 cents less than it was this year.


The bond election will not increase the Interest & Sinking (I&S) tax rate. Lewisville ISD is able to issue these bonds without increasing the school district tax rate. If passed, the total LISD tax rate will be 10.6 cents lower than it is now in 2023.

Development of the bond proposal involved an in-depth process of information gathering, research, and community input. Lewisville ISD collected data from a district-wide facilities assessment, a technology device committee, campus and department staff interviews, and a transportation audit. In April 2023, district leaders assembled the One Vision Task Force, a group of more than 70 stakeholders charged with developing a plan and potential bond package that would be recommended to the LISD Board of Trustees for consideration. 

Propositions that will appear on the ballot:

  1. Funding for Student Instruction, Programs of Choice and Extracurricular Opportunities
    Voter Approval Tax Rate Ratification Election (VATRE), Prop A

The Tax Rate Ratification Election will generate $37,491,401 for LISD teachers and students.

  1. General Proposition
    Bond Prop B: $960,577,000

Maintenance, repairs and renovations to LISD campuses and facilities, including safety and security equipment and technology, replacement of the transportation center and the purchase of school buses. 

  1. Instructional Technology Equipment

Bond Prop C: $69,600,000

Update and purchase instructional technology equipment.

  1. Athletics and Recreation Facilities

Bond Prop D: $31,376,000

Maintenance, repairs and renovations at athletics facilities consisting of locker rooms and field houses; tennis courts; baseball / softball facilities; and concession areas.

  1. Natatorium (Eastside Aquatics Center and Westside Aquatics Center)
    Bond Prop E: $16,250,000

Maintenance, repairs and renovations at the Eastside Aquatic Center and Westside Aquatic Center.

  1. Stadiums

Bond Prop F: $19,999,000

Maintenance, repairs and renovations to stadiums at Hebron High School, Flower Mound High School, The Colony High School, Marcus High School and Lewisville High School.

  1. Indoor Multipurpose Athletic Centers

Bond Prop G:  $131,818,000

Construction, improvements and/or renovations to multipurpose indoor athletics facilities at Hebron High School, Flower Mound High School, The Colony High School, Marcus High School and Lewisville High School.

Since 2019 school districts are required to separate “special purpose” projects from “general purpose” projects and draft ballot orders accordingly. LISD “special purpose” projects are Proposition C for technology and Propositions D-G for athletics projects.

We invite you to learn more by visiting and to stay informed about these important items that will be on the November ballot.