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Family Update | July 29

An update to keep families informed about things they may need to submit or information they should know before the first day of school, Wednesday, Aug. 11.


  1. Back-to-school forms: LISD’s back-to-school forms are ready for families to complete in Skyward Family Access. The back-to-school forms must be submitted for every student each school year.
    • New students - families must complete ALL forms and submit.
    • Returning students - families need to review all forms, make necessary changes or updates, and submit.
  2. Device insurance coverage fee:
    • Pre-K-3 - students will use devices on campuses therefore the insurance coverage fee does not apply.
    • 4-12 - you have two options:
      • Pay the $30 insurance coverage fee which can be accessed and paid through Skyward under the “Fee Management” tab.
      • Forgo device insurance and risk being charged a fee of up to $450 or the cost of any needed repairs, whichever is lower.
  3. Repair district devices: If you need a district device repaired, call the Help Desk at 972-350-1833, option 1 before Aug. 6 to schedule an appointment.  
  4. Verify your child’s username and password are working:
    • New to LISD (K-12) - A password will be assigned to your child and can be retrieved in Skyward using this guide (English, Spanish, Chin).
    • Pre-K - Your child’s teacher will share their password with them when school starts.
    • K-5 - New passwords will go into effect Aug. 11. To retrieve your child’s new password starting Aug. 9 in Skyward, use this guide (English, Spanish, Chin).
    • 6-12 - If your child has not reset their password since June 1, 2021, your child will have a new password assigned to them on Friday, Aug. 13 and will be found in Skyward.


Back-to-School Forms
LISD’s Back-to-School Forms are ready in Skyward for you to complete before the first day of school. Please make sure you verify and complete ALL sections of the Back-to-School Forms. LISD campuses and departments depend heavily on this information being accurate. Remember, you need to hit submit at the end of the form process to be 100% complete and submitted. All iPad fees/forms need to be completed by Friday, Aug. 27, otherwise iPad functions will be restricted.

  • In order to submit your forms, all form steps must be marked complete before clicking the “Submit 2021-2022 Forms Packet” button at the bottom of Step 9.
  • Parents of students in grades 4-12 are encouraged to review the district’s 1:X Student/Parent Handbook before completing online forms. There are new changes to the program this year.
  • Parents who participate in the LISD 1:X With Insurance Program will have the opportunity to pay the required fee for the program online through Skyward Family Access. Please contact your campus about in-person payment options.
  • If you have any questions about Skyward, please reference the LISD Skyward Family Access Parent Resource page at

Issuing Devices
Grades Pre-k through 3: LISD will continue to issue learning devices to all students in grades Pre-k through 3 for the 2021-22 school year. Devices will not be shared and will be specifically assigned to your child for use and will remain on campus unless specific permission is given by campus administration allowing your student to bring the device home. While completing your Skyward Back-to-School Forms, please complete the Internet Survey so we know who does not have Internet access at home. LISD will be working to help families get connected.

Grades 4-12: All students who opt-in to receiving a device in grades 4-12 will be equipped with an iPad and keyboard. More information can be found here

Device Insurance
Grades 4-12 ONLY

For the 2021-22 school year, there is a $30 fee for device insurance. This fee covers one iPad accidental damage incident AND one lost or stolen iPad incident without additional cost to the parent or student per school year. This is a savings of over $450 if accidental damage or loss occurs. However, this school year, there will be an option to receive a device without paying an insurance fee. This option DOES NOT provide coverage for breaks, loss, stolen, or damaged iPads and a fee will be assessed for any damages, loss, and/or theft. Families may be charged a fee of up to $450 or the cost of the repair, whichever is lower.

Device insurance coverage details include:

  • 1st break or loss of device with case and keyboard | No Charge
  • 2nd iPad Break | $50 Co-pay
  • 3rd iPad Break | Full Repair or Replacement Cost of iPad
  • 1st Apple Keyboard Break or Loss of Keyboard Only | $40 Co-pay
  • 2nd Apple Keyboard Break or Loss of Keyboard Only | $100 Co-pay
  • 3rd Apple Keyboard Break or Loss of Keyboard Only | Full Replacement Cost

For more information about the device insurance coverage, please review the 1:X Student/Parent Handbook.

Device Repairs
To ensure your child's iPad is in working condition to start the school year please follow the below repair process:

  • If you need technical support or need your device repaired prior to the start of school on Aug. 11, please call the Help Desk at 972-350-1833, option 1.  
  • If the issue can not be resolved over the phone, the Help Desk Agent will schedule an appointment at a Repair Center location to have the device swapped out. This process will be available until Aug. 6. After this date, if your child’s iPad needs to be repaired, you will need to submit a Technology Help Desk ticket to their Campus Support Specialist.
  • After Aug. 6, the Repair Center will not be scheduling appointments for repairs. If you have a repair need after Aug. 6, a Helpdesk Ticket will need to be created and the Campus Technician will begin processing tickets starting Aug. 11.
  • If you have a device that needs repair or is not working, all school or personal data will need to be backed up before arrival. To do so, follow these instructions How to Back up an iPad.

Content Restrictions
Digital safety is extremely important to LISD, and the district goes above and beyond to protect its students. Additionally, the district highly encourages parents to play an active role in monitoring the apps installed on their child’s device. Please note the following changes and reminders to LISD’s content restrictions:

  • Elementary iPads will utilize the LISD App Store, which ONLY allows instructional apps vetted by the district to be installed on LISD issued iPads.
  • Middle School and High School iPads can access the Apple App Store; however, the district has the ability to hide unapproved apps.
    • Starting in 6th grade students gain access to the Apple App Store. Prior to 6th grade, students could only access the LISD App Store. Parent’s of 6th grade student’s - please play an active role in helping your child with access to Apple’s App Store.
    • Students may be able to install unapproved apps from Apple’s App Store, but will not be able to launch the app on district iPads.
    • LISD restricts all Apple App Store Apps that are rated 17+.
    • Please ensure your child is not purchasing apps that are on the District’s Unapproved App List.
  • To go above and beyond LISD’s content restrictions, visit Apple’s Parental Control

Student Username and Password Information
It will be important that all students are ready to connect with their classes on Wednesday, Aug. 11. Before then, please verify your username and password is working. There are different password policies by grade levels:

  • New to LISD (K-12): A complex password will be assigned to them. You can find this assigned password in Skyward Family Access (English, Spanish, Chin).
    • New students grades K-5 - the assigned password can not be changed by the student.
  • Pre-K: Your child’s teacher will share their password with them when school starts.
  • K-5: Student passwords will be reset again this year.
    • The 2020-21 school year passwords will be in effect until the evening of Aug. 10. The new 2021-22 school year student passwords will be visible in Skyward Family Access Monday, Aug. 9 and will go into effect Wednesday, Aug. 11 on the first day of school.  
    • Please use this guide (English, Spanish, Chin) for instructions on how to access your child’s password in Skyward Family Access.
  • 6-12: We encourage students to change their password prior to Friday, Aug. 13. For any students who have not changed their password since June 1, 2021, a new password will be assigned to them on Friday, Aug. 13. You can find this assigned password in Skyward Family Access (English, Spanish, Chin).

If you do not remember your password from the last school year and you have previously enrolled in the Password Reset Service, you can reset your password using the Password Reset Tool. In addition, ask your teacher for help, or call the LISD Technology Helpdesk at 972-350-1833.

LISD will continue using Webex, an online tool that allows LISD students and staff to collaborate, for the 2021-22 school year. All LISD students will have access to Webex as a way to connect with their teachers and classes. Student accounts are moderated to only allow students in Webex Team Spaces if a LISD staff member is present in the Space.

The district will continue using Canvas—an online learning management system where teachers are able to digitally create and deliver content, monitor student participation and assess student performance all in one place. In addition, parents are able to access and observe their child’s learning and participation in Canvas. Learn more here.