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Big-time Virtual Guests Visit Southridge Students

Third-Graders chat with Author and Meteorologist

Southridge Elementary students in Ricki Rodriquez’s third-grade class have had some special guests virtually visit their classroom recently. 

Class has virtual visitors via projector screen

Weather on Wheels presentation in class

Meteorologist Jeff Ray and the Weather on Wheels program from CBS gave a presentation to the class and students were able to interact and ask questions. This virtual-version of the Weather on Wheels presentation was a first for the program. 

Student asks question to laptop

Other special guest speakers for the class have included  Chief Customer Experience Officer at Ford Motor Company Elena Ford and children’s author (“Rosie Revere, Engineer”) Andrea Beaty.

Students hold "Rosie Revere Engineer" books

The event was put together by First Books Marketplace and Ford and went out to 350,000 students. Rodriquez’s class was chosen to participate and two students, Laura De La Higuera Garcia and Nathaly Figueroa Cucufate asked Beaty and Ford a question.