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PTES Announcements 



It's time, fourth graders!!  IF you are interested in joining the announcement team as a fifth grader, please click here for more info! 





Here are calendar events for the school year:


Don't Forget to Order your Yearbook

Click below to find out more about ordering a yearbook and if you are a virtual student how to turn in pictures for the yearbook.

PTES Yearbook and Photos

 Spring Pics- April 12th!!





  • Tuesday, May 11th – 3rd-5th Grades Math – In person students ONLY
  • Wednesday, May 12th – 3rd-5th Grades Reading – In person students ONLY
  • Thursday, May 13th – 5th Grade Science – In person AND Virtual students
  • Friday, May 14th – 3rd-5th Grade Math – Virtual students ONLY
  • Monday, May 17th – 3rd-5th Grade Reading – Virtual Students ONLY