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PTES Announcements 




Here are calendar events for the school year:


Don't Forget to Order your Yearbook

Click below to find out more about ordering a yearbook and if you are a virtual student how to turn in pictures for the yearbook.

PTES Yearbook and Photos


 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- January 18th at 6:00 (A virtual celebration)!



College and Career Week (Jan 25th-29th)

-Teacher/Grade levels will get their own career speakers via Webex

25 Monday – Education happens now – Dress in PT shirt

26 Tuesday – Dreaming about a bright Future – Pj’s or bright colors

27 Wednesday – College Bound – College shirt

28 Thursday – Career Day – Dress in Career of your choice

29 Friday – Hats off to Education – Wear hat to honor education



Kindergarten Registration!


General Spring Window:  January 25 - February 19

  • Open to any current or new student who will be in grades K-12 for the 2021-22 school year
  • CURRENT students - transfer form is accessible in your Skyward Family Access account
  • NEW students - transfer for is accessible as the final page (optional) in the new student online enrollment forms packet at

Enrollment / Enrollment

2020-2021 New Student Enrollment. Welcome to LISD! Enrollment for the current school year is open and ongoing. Please click the New Student button below to get started.. New and returning student enrollment takes place at your child's assigned campus.

This is the link for the virtual Time for Kinder parent info meetings on Webex.




District-wide Pre-K-12 Kindness Campaign 2021:

“Treat People with Kindness” #LISDBEKIND


Each day of Kindness Week, students and staff will focus on being kind to themselves and the people around them (educators, family, friends and neighbors) with inspirational quotes and challenges. 


Monday, Feb. 8 

  • Focus: Kind to our Loved Ones
  • Theme: Kickoff Team Kindness; Sports Team/Jersey
  • Elementary

o    Quote: “Teamwork makes the dream work.” -John C. Maxwell 

o    Daily Challenge: As a class, record a video (or write down) ways we can be kind to those we live with (ie: helping with chores, following the rules, giving a hug). 

o    Future Challenge: Have an adult help you call or video chat a loved one who lives far away. 

o    Morning Announcement: TBD


Tuesday, Feb. 9

  • Focus: Kind to our Community
  • Theme: Wake Up to Kindness; Pajamas
  • Elementary

o    Quote: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

o    Daily Challenge: As a class, record a video (or write down) ways big or small, we can be kind to those in our community. 

o    Future Challenge: Type an email or write a note to thank a local essential worker (first responders, grocery store employees, medical professionals, city employees, mail/package delivery employees, sanitation employees, etc). 

o    Morning Announcement: TBD


Wednesday, Feb. 10

  • Focus: Kind to Ourselves (Self-Care)
  • Theme: Celebrate YourSELF; Bright/Neon Colors 
  • Elementary

o    Quote: “You are strong. You are brave. You are loved.” -Unknown

o    Daily Challenge: “I am…” Pick 1-3 words that positively describe who you are. (ie. “I am kind. I am courageous. I am smart.”) Write them down and look at them when you need a reminder. 

o    Future Challenge: Make up a dance to your favorite song. It can be silly or fun, as long as it makes you feel happy!

o    Morning Announcement: TBD


Thursday, Feb. 11

  • Focus: Kind to our Friends
  • Theme: A Sea of Kindness: Kindness Shirts (or wear Aqua, Teal, Cyan or Blue)
  • Elementary

o    Quote: “A kind friend is the right kind of friend.” -Unknown

o    Daily Challenge: As a class, record a video (or write down) what characteristics make a good friend and name a few ways you can spread kindness to your friends.  

o    Future Challenge: Tell a school friend how happy it makes you to be their friend. 

o    Morning Announcement: TBD


Friday, Feb. 12

  • Focus: Kind to our Educators
  • Theme: We Heart Kindness; Red and Pink 
  • Elementary

o    Quote: “Kindness comes from the heart.” -Unknown

o    Daily Challenge: Tell someone who works at your school why you are glad to see them each day. 

o    Future Challenge: Type an email or write a note to thank a teacher or school staff member for all they do. 

o    Morning Announcement: TBD


Upcoming Friendship (Valentines) Parties:

  • Students will be allowed to bring Friendship Notes (Valentines) to put in bags.
    • Bring in by Feb. 5th
    • Students can have candy or other small item attached to Valentines – Example: sucker, small box of nerds, Fun Dip, pencil, eraser, gel pen, etc.


  • Virtual Students ONLY
    • Parents will drop-off individual Valentines to pass out to friends in their class on Feb. 1st or 2nd
    • NO Valentines will be accepted after Feb. 2nd.  
    • Valentines will quarantine until Thursday, Feb. 4th then given to virtual teacher to sort by Friday, Feb. 5th
    • Brought back to office by Feb. 5th where we will add PTA treats. 
    • Then, quarantine again before being picked up on Tuesday, Feb. 9th from 12:30-2:00pm or 4:30-6:00pm.