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College Street Elementary Students Raise Funds for Local Animal Shelter

April 14, 2017
CSAS While reading an edition of Scholastic News, first grade students at College Street Elementary learned about volunteering in the community. The students read a specific section about a child helping out at a local animal shelter and wanted to do the same in Lewisville. Although initially disappointed they didn't meet the age requirement to volunteer at the local animal shelter, the students were determined to find another way to help. After researching other organizations, first grade students voted to raise money for the City of Lewisville Animal Services. Committees were formed and the students created posters, fliers, videos, money containers and a results board to help with their efforts. 

“Each committee had a teacher or staff member supporting them,” First grade teacher Susan Davis said. “We had an officer from the shelter come out and speak to us so we knew what information we needed to share with the school.” 

The first grade students rallied the rest of College Street and passed out containers, counted coins and stood in car lines with signs to raise funds. They even partnered with Frost Bank to double-check the counting of nearly 20 pounds of coins. In total, College Street Elementary raised more than $300 for the shelter and first grade students presented the donation to Animal Control Officer Leslie Garza. 

See photos from the April 12 presentation here.