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Voters Favor Props A, B & C in November 7 Election

Preliminary election results show Lewisville ISD stakeholders approve props A, B and C in November 7 Bond and VATRE election.

Preliminary election results show that Lewisville ISD voters approved a majority of the district's nearly $1.23 billion bond referendum. The Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE), Proposition A, was also approved and will add an additional $37.5 million annually to the operating budget to help sustain competitive staff pay and maintain student instructional opportunities and programs of choice. The passing of Bond Propositions B and C represent $1,030,177,000 of the total proposed bond package of $1,229,620,000. 

“I am extremely grateful to the LISD community for their support of our schools and students,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lori Rapp said. “LISD stakeholders have a long history of making their voices heard and showing their support of our district, helping us sustain premier learning environments and student experiences throughout Lewisville ISD.

The three passing bond proposals will fund maintenance, repairs and life cycle improvements at various campuses and district facilities; safety and security upgrades; technology infrastructure; and student and staff instructional devices. Project details and additional information are available at

“We are grateful to the voters who came out and supported the future of Lewisville ISD, and the future of the 48,000 students that we serve and the staff who make it possible,” LISD Board President Jenny Proznik said.

Denton and Tarrant County election results* posted as of 8 a.m. on November 8 show:


  • PROPOSITION A: 69.36% voting “for”
    Voter Approval Tax Rate Ratification Election (VATRE)
    The additional net revenue generated by the Lewisville ISD tax rate will be approximately $37.5 million annually.

  • PROPOSITION B: 61.88% voting “for”
    General - $960,577,000
    Maintenance, repairs and renovations to LISD campuses and facilities, including safety and security equipment and technology, replacement of the transportation center and the purchase of school buses.

  • PROPOSITION C: 53.96% voting “for”
    Instructional Technology Equipment - $69,600,000
    Update and purchase instructional technology equipment. 


  • PROPOSITION D: 42.75% voting “for”
    Athletics & Recreation Facilities - $31,376,000
    Maintenance, repairs and renovations at athletics facilities consisting of locker rooms and field houses; tennis courts; baseball / softball facilities; and concession areas.

  • PROPOSITION E: 44.46% voting “for”
    Aquatic Centers - $16,250,000
    Maintenance, repairs and renovations at the Eastside Aquatic Center and Westside Aquatic Center. 

  • PROPOSITION F: 44.33% voting “for”
    Stadiums - $19,999,000
    Maintenance, repairs and renovations to stadiums at Hebron High School, Flower Mound High School, The Colony High School, Marcus High School and Lewisville High School.

  • PROPOSITION G: 43.53% voting “for”
    Indoor Multipurpose Facilities - $131,818,000
    Construction, improvements and/or renovations to indoor multipurpose facilities at Hebron High School, Flower Mound High School, The Colony High School, Marcus High School and Lewisville High School.

*Election results are unofficial until canvassed.


After months of reviewing financial predictions and studying the state’s school funding system, in which legislators have not increased per student funding since 2019, the LISD Board of Trustees asked voters to approve a VATRE, generating $37.5 million annually for students and teachers. Because the state has announced it will compress LISD’s Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Tier 1 tax rate to the lowest possible amount at $0.6192, the total LISD tax rate will be 11.7% or 10.6 cents less than it was this year.

Development of the bond proposal involved an in-depth process of information gathering, research, and community input. Lewisville ISD collected data from a district-wide facilities assessment, a technology device committee, campus and department staff interviews, and a transportation audit. In April 2023, district leaders assembled the One Vision Task Force, a group of more than 70 stakeholders charged with developing a plan and potential bond package that would be recommended to the LISD Board of Trustees for consideration, who then called for the six bond proposals to be included on the Nov. 7 ballot for LISD residents.

Lewisville ISD is well-known for its strong fiscal management practices, and has been able to maintain one of the lowest property tax rates among North Texas school districts. When compared to similar districts, LISD spends more on instruction and schools while keeping its overall cost per student less than those same school districts. The district’s total tax rate has decreased each year since 2017. Because payments on existing debt are declining as old debt is being paid off, the school district can issue these new bonds without an increase to the I&S tax rate, based on current interest and tax base growth models.

For over 20 years, LISD has earned the highest rating of “Superior Achievement” in the state’s School FIRST (Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas) program. For 20 consecutive years LISD has also earned the prestigious Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada. LISD is also a 13-time recipient of the Texas Association of School Business Officials Award of Merit for Purchasing Operations.