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LISD Announces 2023 National Merit Finalists

55 high school seniors were named finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Lewisville ISD is proud to announce 55 high school seniors were recently named Finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program (NMSP). 

Typically in the fall of their junior year, LISD students take the PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). Students who achieve a top score on this test are named commended students by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). In 2023, 140 LISD students achieved this status. For a full list of these students, click here

Of these 140, a select group of students were named National Merit Semifinalists in the 2023 competition. Those named a Semifinalist make up less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors and are the highest-scoring entrants in each state. 

To become a Finalist, Semifinalists and their high schools submitted a detailed scholarship application in which they provided information about the Semifinalist’s academic record, participation in school and community activities, demonstration of leadership abilities and honors and awards received. We are proud to congratulate 55 LISD seniors who have achieved the Finalist award. 

The following lists our Finalists by high school and notes which LISD schools they attended.

Congratulations, Finalists!  


Flower Mound HS | Hebron HS Lewisville HS | Marcus HS


Flower Mound High School

Anna M. Abraham | Flower Mound HS (Forestwood, Forest Vista)

Riya R. Addula | Flower Mound HS (Shadow Ridge, Old Settlers) 

Joshua C. Bell | Flower Mound HS (McKamy, Liberty) 

Siddharth Bhagwat | Flower Mound HS (McKamy, Liberty) 

Mehreen Chowdhury | Flower Mound HS (McKamy, Old Settlers) 

Jolin Z. Feng | Flower Mound HS 

Skandha Gopinath | Flower Mound HS (McKamy, Wellington) 

Emily E. Haddad | Flower Mound HS (McKamy, Wellington) 

Eli Heath | Flower Mound HS (Forestwood, Donald) 

Jared H. Horikami | Flower Mound HS (Forestwood, Donald) 

Akshara Joshi | Flower Mound HS (McKamy, Liberty)

Brenden C. Kline | Flower Mound HS (McKamy, Wellington) 

Rahul Kodali | Flower Mound HS (Briarhill/McKamy, Heritage) 

Kirby L. Koppel | Flower Mound HS (McKamy, Old Settlers) 

Sadie L. Larson | Flower Mound HS (McKamy) 

Tina Luo | Flower Mound HS McKamy (Old Settlers) 

Saraswathi Menon | Flower Mound HS (McKamy, Wellington) 

Riddhi Panthi | Flower Mound HS (McKamy)  

Abhiram R. Patil | Flower Mound HS (Forestwood, Forest Vista) 

Kaylee M. Pfister | Flower Mound HS (Forestwood, Garden Ridge) 

Manasvi R. Pindi | Flower Mound HS (Forestwood, Forest Vista) 

Ryan M. Sas | Flower Mound HS (Forestwood, Vickery/Forest Vista) 

Amey Sharma | Flower Mound HS (McKamy, Wellington)

Annabelle K. Thomas | Flower Mound HS (Shadow Ridge, Bluebonnet) 

Cassidy K. Wong | Flower Mound HS (Shadow Ridge, Bluebonnet)


Hebron High School

Jake M. Chacko | Hebron HS (Creek Valley, Coyote Ridge) 

Sarah E. Choi | Hebron HS (Killian) 

Vipin Eapen | Hebron HS (Creek Valley, Coyote Ridge) 

Ann M. Jayan | Hebron HS (Killian, Castle Hills) 

Emily S. Kwak | Hebron HS (Creek Valley, Coyote Ridge) 

Kavni R. Maniar | Hebron HS (Killian, Hicks/Independence) 

Ammar R. Merani | Hebron HS (Creek Valley, Hebron Valley) 

Kaden D. Nguyen | Hebron HS (Killian, Castle Hills) 

Mahira Nooruddin | Hebron HS (Killian) 

Danyal A. Saeed | Hebron HS (Arbor Creek, Hicks) 

Antony A. Sajesh | Hebron HS (Killian, Independence) 

Rahik N. Sikder | Hebron HS (Creek Valley, Coyote Ridge) 

Emma Grace Utterback | Hebron HS (Indian Creek) 


Lewisville High School

Sonika Harish | Lewisville HS (Durham) 


Marcus High School

Isabel M. Alejandro | Marcus HS (Briarhill, Heritage) 

Benjamin G. Dietrich | Marcus HS (Briarhill)   

Gabrielle M. Gilberti | Marcus HS (Briarhill, McAuliffe)

Collin E. Harvey | Marcus HS (Briarhill, Heritage) 

Caroline R. Lehmann | Marcus HS (Lamar, Prairie Trail) 

Munachiso A. Nnamani | Marcus HS (Downing, Bridlewood) 

Matthew A. Pecoraro | Marcus HS (Briarhill, Heritage) 

Olivia J. Pier | Marcus HS (Briarhill) 

Patrick A. Price | Marcus HS (Briarhill, Heritage) 

Rahul Ramesh | Marcus HS (Lamar, Prairie Trail) 

Raksha Ramesh | Marcus HS (Lamar, Prairie Trail) 

Michael G. Searles | Marcus HS (Killian, Independence) 

Vaibhav N. Sridhar | Marcus HS (Lamar, Prairie Trail) 

Raquel K. Susko | Marcus HS

Alex Xu | Marcus HS (Lamar, Prairie Trail)

Jihoon Yoon | Marcus HS (Downing, Bridlewood) 


To learn more about the National Merit Scholarship program, visit and/or

For inquiries about our 2023 National Merit Finalists, please contact LISD's Communications Department at