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LISD Staff Celebrates Start to 2022-23 School Year

All five feeder patterns hosted pep rallies to encourage teachers as the school year begins.

We are just days away from the start of the 2022-23 school year, and this week our staff was welcomed back with celebrations across the district. Each feeder pattern hosted their own pep rally to kick-off the school year, where teachers had a chance to re-energize with inspiring speeches, games, performances and more. 

Superintendent Dr. Lori Rapp began each pep rally with a message focused on both her goals as superintendent and her goals for the district. “We know that we are in the profession that changes lives,” she said to LISD staff members. “Teachers have the opportunity to leave a legacy and make a lasting impact.” 

Dr. Rapp continued by emphasizing the role of community engagement in the success of our district, a goal echoed by our One LISD theme for the 2022-23 school year. “What has the power to set us apart and help us navigate the challenges we face is how well we build community,” Dr. Rapp said. “Community Engagement is truly our secret ingredient.” 

After Dr. Rapp’s remarks, each feeder pattern put their own unique spin on the rest of their time together. Keep reading for a summary of each event and use the links below to view full photo albums. 


At the LHS Feeder Pattern Pep Rally – a Fruit-By-The-Foot speed eating challenge brought laughter to the crowd after a performance by the band, cheerleaders and Boneheads. Head LHS football coach Michael Odle and head LHS volleyball coach Cara Sumpter were joined by their players to hype up the crowd and discuss the upcoming football and volleyball seasons. For pictures of the LHS Feeder Pattern Pep Rally, click HERE. To read more about the event, click HERE.


Flower Mound High School’s band, cheerleaders, Rosettes drill team and color guard provided school spirit through performances during their pep rally. FMHS assistant principal Phillip Humphries held feeder pattern competitions where select teachers and campus administrators participated in FMHS trivia and other games at center court. For pictures of the FMHS Feeder Pattern Pep Rally, click HERE. To read more about the event, click HERE.


TCHS feeder pattern teachers enjoyed a musical performance from TCHS Theatre Arts and even listened to their own students recount lessons learned throughout their time in LISD. TCHS feeder pattern principals concluded the event with individual speeches about the IMPACT of their staff. For pictures of the TCHS Feeder Pattern Pep Rally, click HERE. To read more about the event, click HERE



After a presentation of the colors by the MHS Air Force JROTC and the singing of the National Anthem by MHS junior Bella Murtoff, Marauder staff members participated in a Pac-Man style game to get excited for the school year. Attendees even joined pinkies and sang the MHS alma mater to wrap up the event. For pictures of the MHS Feeder Pattern Pep Rally, click HERE. To read more about the event, click HERE.


HHS feeder staff assembled in the Hebron arena were treated to performances by the award-winning HHS drumline, band, cheer and dance programs. The event was emceed by HHS math department chair Cameron Casalini and featured Hebron student leaders Melody Ebrahimi, Rahil Tanvir and Kate Rapp. The event concluded with the entire feeder pattern singing the Hebron school song before celebrating the beginning of the 2022-23 school year with the HHS fight song. For pictures of the HHS Feeder Pep Rally, click HERE. To read more about the event, click HERE.

For all of our staff the rally cry was the same – coming together as ONE LISD to make it a great school year! 

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