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Stewart’s Creek Elementary’s Voice Has Power

Special guest artists inspire students.

Before winter break, students at Stewart’s Creek Elementary experienced an interactive show incorporating music and spoken word. The presentation, by Journeyman Ink, promotes social and emotional literacy, empathy and compassion while fostering authentic personal connection. 

Group of students raise their hands

The friendship with these presenters is new to the campus and blossomed from conversations with mural artist Jerod Dtox Davies. Davies created the new artwork in the Stewart’s Creek library and mentioned a group he works with frequently — Journeyman Ink. 

School mural

Stewart’s Creek used the December early release day as an opportunity to invite Journeyman Ink’s Will Richey, Alejandro Perez, Jr. and musician S-Ankh Rasa inside the school to inspire students. 

students smiling and participating in presentation

“They kept us all entertained with their individual stories of perseverance and how they use their creativity to cultivate positive self-awareness and authenticity while giving our students artistic tools, such as dance, martial arts, music and film production as well as written reflections, to accomplish personal goals,” Stewart’s Creek Art Teacher Chelzee Lentz said. 

Students clapping

Students were asked to share where their power comes from — like their hobbies, family members, friends and tasks they do well. 

Saxaphone player plays music to students

“This lets students know they have a voice and power and to do something positive with all of their uniqueness,” Stewart’s Creek Principal Andrea Smith said. “The presenters shared their culture along with their background and let the students know that sometimes people can make fun of their differences, but the difference makes them who they are, which is a place of power.”

Students high-five and cheer during presentation

During one portion of the assembly, students chanted, in English and Spanish, to the beat of the drums, “My Voice. Has Power. To speak. My truth. And share. My light.” 

Students smile during presentation in cafeteria

Students show off dance moves in cafeteria

An inspirational way to send off students into a new year.

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