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BB Owen Communications Classroom Teacher has Wish(list) Granted

Lauren Able had her Amazon wishlist cleared by Carter's and Sonic Drive-In after responding to an Instagram influencer's blog post.

In today’s era of online shopping, the holiday wishlist has taken on a new meaning. While some may still be written down and sent off to the North Pole, the modern wishlist has become a rotating registry of desires, periodically checked by friends and loved ones looking for the perfect gift. For BB Owen Elementary teacher Lauren Able, like many educators, a wishlist is a place to store items, ideas, tools and toys that she can use to create a better classroom experience for her students. Her list, however, sits empty this year. And she couldn’t be happier about it.

On December 1, 2021, Able responded to a blog post by an Instagram influencer page, “Things I Bought and Liked,” calling for Title 1 teachers to post their Amazon wishlists and encouraging others to fulfill these requests. Carter’s and Sonic quickly jumped in to clear Able’s list. 

“I was like, you know what? I have a running list like pretty much every teacher -- let's throw it out there” Able said, explaining how she got involved with the blog post. “So I just put it on there. Just, you know, taking advantage of the opportunity in a sense. Within 24 hours, the first list was cleared. And then I found out [December 8] that the second was cleared.”

Able, a graduate of Baylor’s speech pathology program, is part of LISD’s Communications Classroom special education program which emphasizes natural language development through hands-on learning.

“Life skills, communication, academics, behavior, it all kind of like comes to a head in [the Communications Classroom]. We focus on language exposure and eliciting language all day long. So everything in here is set up to work on language development.”

Of all of the items that were delivered, Able is most excited for the kitchen equipment that her classroom received.

“There are so many language lessons and academic lessons that can be done through cooking. It’s just really good hands-on experience. So we'll use our little oven down there and we'll use all of our mixing bowls and the refrigerator and there's lots of opportunity and realistic lessons in cooking and just lots of things you can hit within those lessons.”

Beyond the new materials, Able is overwhelmed and overjoyed at the support that her classroom received and the positive impact that it will have on her students.

“I'm just so excited for them. It's exciting just to be able to offer opportunities. Lewisville is so future minded, and we try and be that way in our classroom too. But, you know, sometimes we have to come out a different angle in the communications room. So these materials are just going to help us do that.”