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Parent Lunch Week

* Mustang Café ~ Lunch Visitation Schedule *



At Morningside, we recognize and support your desire to have a special lunch date with your child periodically. As we work to facilitate that event, we ask that you recognize the impact on school routines and procedures.

Any break in the normal schedule has a reverberating effect on others (students, cafeteria food preparation, staffing, etc.). As we work to accommodate your individual needs balanced with our efforts to maintain structure and consistency, we hope this calendar will provide a solution to meet the needs of both home and school.

We use a staggered schedule in our cafeteria, which means all of our table space is utilized during our lunch periods as we have 2 grade levels of students in the room at the same time. Therefore, we invite you to have lunch with your child during the designated week of each month to ensure we have enough space for everyone. You do not need to attend each day, once during the week is encouraged. Keep in mind some weeks are only 4 days (Mon.-Thurs. or Tues.-Fri.) due to early dismissal days on Fridays or Monday holidays. Our first “Lunch Visitation Week” isn’t until September 19-23. By following the schedule below, you allow us the time we need to get our students in a good routine so in the event there is a minor change in the future, they are still aware of expectations and the routines we put in place. Additionally, this allows us to prepare extra food and recognize you at a special guest table, which will be located on our stage.

On the remaining weeks, we will continue to focus our training on restaurant manners and etiquette and student safety during their brief lunch period.

Thanks in advance for your support and cooperation as we work to recognize you as our special guest while efficiently feeding 300+ children.


            Children                      September 19-23 

M         And                            October 17-21

U         Families                      November 14-18

S         Eating                         December 5-9     

T         Together                     January 23-27

A         Enjoying                     February 21-24 (No School February 20)

N         Rich                           March 20-24 (5th grade field trip March 23-24)

G         Interaction                 April 11-14 (Weather Day April 10, 1st grade field trip April 14)

           Altogether                  May 15-19


 Lunch Schedule 2022-2023

Kindergarten  10:30-11:00

1st Grade      11:00-11:30

2nd Grade     11:30-12:00

3rd Grade      12:00-12:30

4th Grade      12:30-1:00

5th Grade      1:00-1:30