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Lakeland Elementary’s Math and Science Night a Fun and Engaging Tradition

Families fill hallways again for learning activities and much more.


Lakeland Elementary’s Math and Science Night is always an event marked on the calendar well in advance by students and parents alike. That was evident as nearly 500 people – despite less-than-desirable weather conditions outside – packed the hallways on Feb. 11 for an evening of fun and engaging learning.

A committee, led by teachers Shannon Bolinkski, Wanda Dent and Allison Isham, organized the eighth installment of the event, which includes participation from the entire school staff. All grade level teams create an interactive math and science game for their booth.

LES The committee compiled all the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills-based math games into a instructions booklet, which was distributed to all families along with a complimentary pair of dice and deck of cards. The science games were a surprise at the booths, which were located all throughout the building’s first floor.

The event also included a fifth-grade square dancing performance and dinner served by In-N-Out Burger.

LES2 “We had a great turnout at our annual Math and Science Night – so many smiling faces,” Bolinski said. “I am so proud of Lakeland Elementary for always coming together with activities for our families to enjoy. It is so important to involve our families in the learning, and they were able to take away several ideas for games to play together at home.”

LES3 The students loved everything about the event.

“Math and Science Night is really fun because it seems like everyone is here,” fifth-grader Jaylah Medlock said. “Also, I don’t go to many after-school events, but I am so glad I came to this one. Playing games and learning with your friends and family is a blast!”

Added fifth-grader Christian Leyva: “This is so fun. You get to play so many different games with your friends and family, and challenge each other. You can win prizes, too. I always look forward to Math and Science Night.”

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