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LISD Student Film Festival Winners

May 30, 2018 —The fourth annual LISD Student Film Festival: Reel Voices was held May 24 at the MCL Grand Theater in Lewisville. Participants, family and friends gathered to snap photos on the red carpet and find out the evening's big winners. Find the 2017-2018 results below, and see all the winning videos at

LISD Film Fest High School - See the videos HERE.

HS Animation/Stop Motion
1st: Cop Dog by Elizabeth Neal, CCE
1st: Fish out of Water by Blake Gutierrez, CCE
2nd: Harmony by Haylee Selke, CCE
3rd: A Magic Act by Rebecca Spirit, FMHS

HS Documentary
1st: Lest We Forget by Mitchell Colby, Thomas D’Arcy, Garrett Weeks, John Aarni, DJCC 
2nd: I Am Me by Paige Slaughter, FMHS
3rd: Culinary Arts News Package by Aiden Call, Michael Hernandez, CCE

HS Instructional
1st: How to Get an Education by Krista Kummerl, Kayla Kummerl, HHS 
2nd: How to Make Ramen by Savannah Heim, Maya Morris, DJCC
3rd: Unemployment: A Silent Film by AP Macroeconomics, HHS

HS Persuasion
1st: Best Friend Forever by Alsa Khan, Muhammad Jee, Marcus 9
1st: Surviving an Action Scene by Jacob Vu, Garrett Weeks, Erin Kimball, Ryan Carley, HHS, FMHS and MHS 
2nd: Concealed by Aiswari SriPrabhakhar, Grace Hess, McKay Eastham, FMHS, MHS
3rd: Look Up by Maika Nakasone, FMHS

HS Story
1st: Hollow by Scott Convery, Matthew Black, Ted Stolinsky, Matthew Blom, Jill Risberg, FMHS 
2nd: Burnt by Aalayah Woodley, DJCC
3rd: Killer Distractions by Brenna O’Donnell, Ashley Martin, Channing Mizer, Flower Mound 9

HS People’s Choice
I Am Me by Paige Slaughter, FMHS

Secondary Film Festival Middle School - See the videos HERE

MS Animation/Stop Motion
1st: How To Survive Middle School: Friendships Edition by Caitlyn Nguyen, Emily Kwak, Yasmine Hicks-Murray, Creek Valley MS
2nd: Another Man’s Treasure by John Manon, Creek Valley MS
2nd: World War 2 by Rahik Sikder, Alexander Chanaa, Creek Valley MS
3rd: Life of a Shut-in by Adam Tran, Eric Lee, Alanna Ward, Rahik Skider, Creek Valley MS

MS Documentary
1st: The Gift of Music by Esther Ju, Maanas Varma, Ryan Park, Mckamy MS
2nd: My Passion: Singing by Akshay Kelkar, McKamy Documentary 2nd Place: My Tennis Journey Madhav Badithela, McKamy MS
3rd: Who is God? by Rachel Ringo, Killian MS

MS Instructional
1st: How to be Organized for School by Ella Ricks, Ali Basurto, Forestwood MS Instructional
2nd: How To Use Proper Digital Etiquette by Nathan Guilbault, Bryce Berrier, Killian MS Instructional
3rd: How to Use Who, Which, and Whom by Eric Guo, Natalie Stearns, Malina Nesian, McKamy MS

MS Persuasion
1st: CHOICES by Hedrick Advanced Theatre, Hedrick MS
2nd: Why You Should Read Marie Lu by Ayush Mishra, Madhav Badithela, McKamy MS
3rd: Rainbow Rowell Ad by Anjali Cherukuri, Varsha Kolli, McKamy MS

MS Public Service Announcement
1st: Have You Seen Her? by Jenna Kirby, Killian MS
2nd: Technology: How it has Impacted Our World Today by Neal Shiyekar, Akshay Kelkar, McKamy MS
3rd: Hidden Depths: Anti-Bullying PSA by Eleanor Rose Tallman, Shadow Ridge MS

MS Story
1st: Halloween Night by Jenna Kirby, Killian MS
2nd: The Devil’s Playground by Gavin Malden, McKamy MS
3rd: Hide and Seek by Harshvardhan Singh, Lamar MS

MS People’s Choice
Halloween Night by Jenna Kirby, Killian MS

LISD Film Festival Elementary School - See the videos HERE

ES Animation/Stop Motion
1st: My Tap Dancing Rubik’s Cube by Vishnu P, Liberty ES
1st: Ronke Rules-A day in the life of a 9 year old by Aderonke N, Southridge ES
2nd: Pencils vs. Scissors by Vincent G, Keaton W, Liberty ES
3rd: Jorge Finds His Confidence by Vicente A, Prairie Trail ES

ES Documentary
1st: #LikeAGirl by S.M.A.R.T. Girls Club, Morningside ES
2nd: NEU Documentary by Kirat M, Degan ES
3rd: A Day in the Life of a Fifth Grader by Abigail R, Emeralda R, Independence ES
3rd: Pelé Documentary by Zane W, Aaron E, Independence ES

ES Instructional
1st: Misty And Me: How to Groom a Horse by Katelyn G, Wellington ES
2nd: The Chef’s Corner by Braedy G, Wellington ES
3rd: Slime Sensation by Hayden P, Leah P, Vickery ES

ES Public Service Announcement
1st: Homeless by Caitlyn M, Prairie Trail ES
2nd: Let’s Unplug and Get Active! by Paxon B, Prairie Trail ES
3rd: Stop Bullying Make Friends by Landon G, Bailey P, Donald ES
3rd: Texting While Driving by Sarah H, Joslyn W, Layla T, Donald ES

ES Story
1st: The Sunken Palace by Logan W, Hicks ES
2nd: The Adventures of Pingy and Friends by Isaac F, Nhi T, Aaron S, Degan ES
3rd: Mysterious Tasks of the Wild World by Thuy P, David P, Degan ES

ES People’s Choice
My Tap Dancing Rubik’s Cube by Vishnu P, Liberty ES

Rising Stars - See the videos HERE

Animation/Stop Motion
Chase ‘n the Bad Guys by Cameron W, Bridlewood ES

First Grade Funnies by Mrs. Chesworth’s First Grade, Donald ES
How Does Heat Change the Physical Properties of Chocolate? by Mrs. Gibson’s 2nd Grade Class, Independence ES
Martin Luther King Jr. by Caroline C, Donald ES
Peters Colony Documentary by Mrs. Morris’s 2nd Grade LEAP, Peters Colony ES
The Art of Karate by Madison O, Donald ES
The Engineering Design Process: A Landform STEM Challenge by Hastie Herders, Donald ES

How to Be a Great Student by Mrs. Morris’s 2nd Grade LEAP, Independence ES
How To Draw A Monster/Dragon by Jalen D, Bridlewood ES
The Perfect Selfie by Benjamin B, Donald ES
Three Digit Addition < by Abhiram S, Liberty ES

Public Service Announcement
Friendship Movie by Ella H, Old Settlers ES
Never Give Up! by Elizabeth K, Maddison P, Hicks ES
Ways to be Kind by The Kind Class, Donald ES

Dreams Come to Life by Addison V, Nolan V, Wellington/Lillie Jackson ES
How to Make Friends by Mrs. Parker’s 1st Grade, Donald ES
I Can Be Anything by Mrs. Redden’s Super Kids, Donald ES
Lily and the Two Bullies by Kinsley J, Donald ES
Making Friends in Kindergarten by Mrs. Starnes’ Busy Bee Class, Donald ES
Talent by Kennedy C, Old Settlers ES
Texas is the Friendship State by Mrs. Bunkley’s Kindergarten, Donald ES
The Mysterious Magic Hat by Mrs. Kirby’s 2nd Grade Class, Southridge ES
Wise Words from First Grade by Mrs. Thompson’s First Grade, Donald ES
Zuper Zoo by Ms. Emmett’s 2nd grade GT Class, Donald ES

Honorable Mentions - See the videos: HS, MS, ES

High School
Stop Pollution by Emily Hunter, Sierra Osborne, Flower Mound 9
The Irony in Gun Control by Krista Kummerl, Kayla Kummerl, HHS
Goodnight by Ashna Mulastanam, Shruti Vummadising, Jack Wells, Cameron Johnson, Grace Archer, Flower Mound 9

Middle School
Drake Williams vs. The Red Axe by Wyatt Hazel, Hedrick MS
My Story by Jenna Kirby, Killian MS
The Art of Design by Shivani Gupta, McKamy MS
Don’t Force It by Neil Kelly, Killian MS
Persuasion: Five Kingdoms Series Commercial by Zachary Su, McKamy MS
McDonalds by Logan Haverkamp, Katlyn Drew, McKamy MS
The Toy Man by Esther Ju, Rachel Lee, Jennifer Chung, Eric Cui, Leran Chang, McKamy MS

The Antidote by Ben M, Louis S, Prairie Trail ES
Paris Catacombs by Logan W, Hicks ES
How to Make the World Best Pillow Fort by Naomi O, Zoe M, Independence ES
Claire’s Cookie Crusade by Claire G, Wellington ES
Donald Court by Ms. Emmett’s 5th Grade GT Class, Donald ES

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