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Federal Agency Makes Special Landing at Indian Creek

Students learn importance of staying drug-free through DEA presentation.

As a way to bring attention and promote Lewisville ISD’s (LISD) annual Red Ribbon Campaign and the nationally-recognized Red Ribbon Week, Indian Creek Elementary enlisted the help of a well-known agency — the Drug Enforcement Administration, better known as the DEA.DEA helicopter lands at Indian Creek ES
“We reached out to the DEA in late August about visiting Indian Creek,” Indian Creek Principal Lori Sowers said. “We filled out the paperwork and were notified we had been selected.”

She added, “It was also a perk that my husband has worked for the DEA for the last 29 years.”

On the morning of Oct. 22, the Indian Creek student body and staff gathered outside to await the DEA’s arrival. Shortly after 8 a.m., students looked up with wide eyes and amazement as a helicopter circled the school and landed in an empty field on campus.

“Our students were genuinely excited and kept looking up at any noise they heard,” Sowers said. “When they finally saw the helicopter coming toward us, the excitement level raised and students were yelling, ‘there it is!’”

DEA talks to students about staying drug-free
Fifth-grader Mariyah McDonald and third-grader Abbigail Torres enjoyed seeing the helicopter land. 

“I liked how the helicopter came out of nowhere and landed at our school,” McDonald said.

Torres added, “It was fun watching the helicopter land and take-off.”

DEA visits Indian Creek ES
After landing, three DEA agents exited the helicopter to join students and staff for a presentation. The agents talked about their roles, answered questions from students and reinforced the importance of staying drug-free.

“For students to be able to visit and ask questions with these departments also helps students have a better understanding of their roles in keeping our communities safe and drug-free,” Sowers said. “Several students inquired about criteria to become a pilot which also gets students thinking about their future and that was a great perk too.”

Following the presentation, each class took photos with the DEA agents and Carrollton Police/LISD School Resource Officer Cole Langston. Once photos were taken, it was time for the helicopter to take off again. Students excitedly waved goodbye as the aircraft disappeared into the bright morning sky.

Class photo with DEA agents and SRO Cole Langston
Visits such as the one by the DEA can help make a difference in the lives of students and the choices they make.

“Being a partner with organizations like the DEA and Carrollton Police Department helps us as educators bring home the importance of making good choices in our lives,” Sowers said. “The most important part of the visit and the message we wanted to get across is drugs are bad for you and hold you back from being the best you.”

For McDonald and Torres, the DEA visit and the agents’ message resonated with them.

“I learned drugs are really bad for you,” McDonald said. While Torres added, “Never do drugs!”

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