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Independence Elementary Provides Cheerful Welcome to Returning Students

Leaders celebrate Eagles on “third” first day of school.

For the 2020-2021 Lewisville ISD school year, Aug. 18 was the first day of remote learning and Sept. 8 marked the first day of in-person learning. Oct. 19 proved to be another significant date on the calendar, as it marked the first day of the second nine weeks. It could also be considered the “third” first day of school.

The leaders of Independence Elementary wanted to make sure the virtual students who returned to in-person learning for the first time – more than 100 across all grade levels – were met with the same enthusiasm as those who entered the doors last month.

IES3 With that being the goal, Principal Theodora Winslow and assistant principals Celeste Castillo and Cathy McAlister dressed up as official Independence Eagles cheerleaders – equipped with blue and white pompoms, red hair bows and white shoes – and cheered loudly for the returning students as the entered the building. From the first student dropped off (when it was still dark outside) until the last student walked in (when it was light outside), the trio did not stop cheering. There was even hype music playing on the loud speakers.

“All of our students are the wind beneath our wings,” Winslow said. “Providing a spirited welcome to show excitement for their return hopefully showed them how much we care!”

IES1 There is no doubt they noticed.

“When I got to school this morning, there were cheerleaders welcoming all the students who were coming in,” fourth grader Thomas Brackett said. “It was awesome to see them cheering for everyone! It’s always nice to have principals and assistant principals like that who are so welcoming and encouraging.”

IES2 Added kindergartener Sofia Rada: “The cheering made me feel so happy. I loved going to school today.”

To see a video of the cheering, click here.