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GRE Birthday Snack Guidelines




Garden Ridge Elementary

Birthday Snack Guidelines 


We know that birthdays at the elementary level are very exciting, and students look forward to celebrating with their class. To ensure students have the opportunity to celebrate, while also ensuring the health and wellness of all students, you may send birthday treats or gifts to school with your student that are store-bought and have a list of ingredients on the box or packaging. This will allow the teacher to review the ingredients to ensure any students with allergies are safe to consume the treat. Teachers will provide a brief time at the end of the school day to pass out the treats/ items and celebrate the student’s birthday. Suggested items- Individually wrapped “Little Debbie” treats such as Cosmic Brownies or Swiss Rolls, Hostess Birthday Cupcakes, packages of fruit snacks, small chocolate bars, Ring Pops, bags of Pirate’s Booty or Boom Chicka Pop, or non-edible items such as Smencils, scented erasers, bubble wands, etc.