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Kids Heart Challenge

Hey folks!

February is our month of the heart in the gym. We’ll focus on what the heart does for us and how we can keep it strong. We’ll also be partnering with the American Heart Association in their Kids Heart Challenge program. It’s an online program that helps reinforce the importance of our choices when it comes to fighting heart disease.  

The AHA Kids Heart Challenge also gives our students a chance to give back by raising money for AHA’s research and education programs. Students raising 100.00 or more will get to be a “Coach of the Day” before we break for Summer. All giving must be done online. I’ve attached detailed info on how to sign up for the Challenge and participate in their online fund raising campaign, but there’s no pressure to participate. The main thing is that we all be aware of the power of our choices to keep our hearts strong.  

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Jay Ingram

Health / PE

Ethridge Elementary