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Pint-Size Heroes at Ethridge Elementary

School hosts inaugural blood drive.

In the spirit of giving, Ethridge Elementary recently hosted its inaugural Red Cross Blood Drive.


Thirty-two parents and staff registered for the drive and donated more than 30 unites of blood during the event. Eighteen of those donators were first-timers. 

Students assist with blood donations

While Ethridge's littlest helpers can't donate, they did assist the cause by becoming Pint-Size Heroes. The Pint-Size Hero program, according to the American Red Cross, is an opportunity where "students are taught about blood components, the function of blood and the need for blood donors. The programs includes grade-level appropriate curriculum and classroom activities along with planning, donor recruitment and recognition tools to support the blood drive program."

Pint-Size heroes and their medals

Ethridge's Pint-Size Heroes received medals for their efforts. Way to go, Eagles!