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Cultural Proficiency Update | Aug. 24

LISD is working with The Glasgow Group on several key areas for cultural proficiency.

September 8 Return to In-Person Learning
All LISD students who selected In-Person Learning will return to campus on September 8. We look forward to seeing our students! We will communicate more with you between now and then about campus plans and expectations for our in-person learners. 

Cultural Proficiency and Inclusion
I want to shift the conversation for a moment to another critical topic for our district and for the communities we serve - our plans regarding Cultural Proficiency in LISD. When I was named Superintendent of Schools in 2015, one of my priorities was to create a more welcoming climate and culture in our district for all students, families, staff, and community members. We have also focused on increasing staff diversity within our organization and implementing programs such as restorative disciplinary practices. 

During this ongoing journey, LISD has built common understanding and established collective values around Cultural Proficiency through annual staff training. Cultural Proficiency requires engaged self-reflection as we work through our own individual continuums of growth. These efforts to learn and grow are never truly complete, but LISD will continue striving to become a better organization. 

Now, we are embarking on the next phase of our work and I am excited to share some of those plans. Our district is working with The Glasgow Group on several key areas. In the coming months, Glasgow will lead us through a hiring audit, which will examine our hiring practices and provide recommendations regarding our recruitment strategies; participate with our Cultural Proficiency work group to help design focus areas for staff learning; collaborate with our Diversity Council to develop parent resources that align with staff learning; and work with me to develop a Staff Diversity Council. 

In the near future, we will communicate with our stakeholders regarding opportunities to participate. We know meaningful change comes from partnering with and hearing the voices of many stakeholder groups.

I am proud of this ongoing journey to ensure our district is the type of organization where all feel a sense of belonging and are welcome. 

We have much work ahead of us, and I know together, we will find a way!