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Important Safety Notes


1). When dropping off students in the mornings, please keep them in your car until 7:15. If your child walks to school ensure they leave your home so they arrive at or after 7:15. There is no one available to monitor students before the doors unlock at 7:15.

2). If you drop off your kiddos in the morning, please have them exit the car from the passenger’s side on the curb. Some families new to Creekside have dropped off their student from the left passing lane, or from the driver’s side into the passing lane. This is dangerous for our kiddos.

3). Please use the crosswalk when you are escorting your children to the front door of the building. Not only does this keep you and your child safe, it models for all children how to safely cross the road.

Thank you for your support in keeping our kiddos safe and secure!