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Castle Hills Elementary Students Make Sure Classmate Has Happy Birthday

Fourth-graders sing to their friend Avery, who is battling leukemia; NBC 5 features celebration.


It was a gloomy day outside with nonstop rain, but that did not stop the entire Castle Hills Elementary fourth grade from brightening a classmate’s day.

CHE Avery Pacheco, who has been battling leukemia since August, turned 10-years old on Jan. 22. Her friends wanted to make sure she had a birthday celebration and knew how much they still miss seeing her each day. With help from the teachers and Avery’s mother, Emily, a plan was formed.

Before dismissal time, Emily Pacheco drove her vehicle in the parking lot with Avery in the passenger’s seat, making two stops – one at the main entrance and another on the north side of the campus. At each location, a large group of students – under the overhang staying out of the weather – sang, “Happy Birthday,” used party horns, cheered and showed off homemade #teambrAvery signs.

CHS1 With the window rolled down, Avery was all smiles. Her day was made and it was indeed a happy birthday.

“Avery is such an important part of our student body and everyone is inspired by how she does not let anything get her down,” Castle Hills Elementary Principal Jaime Clark said. “We are so thankful that we could be part of her special day.”

che3 To see NBC 5’s coverage of the birthday event, click here.