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Crime Prevention and Home Safety

Crime Prevention and Home Safety


Please check out the following Home Safety checklist from one of our 7th grade students who is working on their Eagle Scout badge.


As a Boy Scout, I am given the opportunity to complete a series of merit badges as I journey to the rank of Eagle Scout. I recently completed the Crime Prevention badge, which is defined by law enforcement as “the anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of a crime risk and the imitation of some action to remove or reduce the risk”. 


One of the requirements of this merit badge was to conduct a crime prevention security assessment of a home using a checklist. I completed this checklist last weekend and found several areas that needed to be fixed to make my family’s house more secure. 


I believe that my fellow classmates could benefit from completing the home security checklist at the link below which details 45 checkpoints and can easily be completed in 30-minutes or less. This I feel is a small investment in time, that can pay off greatly with a more secure home for the entire family.


The following link is the checklist: