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LISD Parent Survey

2020-21 Back-to-School Feedback


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Watch the brief message below from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kevin Rogers before taking the survey.



We know the question on the mind of all our families is what school will look like when we return in August. Although we're not quite ready to answer that question, we've been working hard to consider all of our options. We want nothing more than what we would all consider a NORMAL return to school on August 12. However, with all the information we have available to us right now, we're not sure that will be entirely possible. 

It is safe to say opinions on this topic vary greatly depending on who you speak with. Some families say they do not yet feel comfortable sending students back to school, and others want no safeguards in place. Our hope is that our community can respect the opinions of others, even when we disagree. 

In addition to any requirements, guidelines, and expectations from state or local governments, LISD is considering how to put safeguards in place to allow for in-person instruction. With that in mind, we want family input on some of the ideas we are considering. 

Please use the link above to take a few minutes to provide your input on our brief survey. We thank you for your participation and look forward to seeing you all in August.

Chungkhar hna nihhin August thla i amahkelte a simi Siangin ah kan kir tthan tikah, siangin cu zeibantuk tak in dah an kai hnga timi thinlung chungah biahalnak a um cu kan theih ko. Cu biahalnak i a lehnak cu nei deuh rih lo hmanh sihlaw, duhthimnak kan tuahmi hna duhthim khawh a si nakhnga faakpi in kan ttuan cuahmah ko. August 12 ah Siangin kir tthannak AMAHKEL kan i thiimmi pinlei cu, zeidang hmanh duh kan ngei tilo. Zei a si hmanh ah, konglam thar a tu i kan neihmi hna he cun, (siangin i kir tthannak cu) a si khomi thil bak a si timi tu cu kan fiang ve hlei lo.

Na chawnhmi he tuak in mah hi a tlangpi bia hna ahhin ruahnak hna cu aa dang cio kho ti chim hi a himmi a si. Chungkhar tthenkhat hna nihcun an Siangin i ngakchia an neihmi hna cu siangin kaiter ding le siangin ah kuat ding cu an thinlung a nuamh thlu rih lonak an chim i, cheukhat nihcun a hmun ah i vennak zong an herh lo. Kan i ruahchanmi cu, bia le ruahnak aa khah lo zongah, kan LISD zatlang bu nihhin midang i an ruahnak an tuaktan piak thiam hi a si.

Mah umnak hmun  Acozah le State Acozah herhmi thil hna, i timhtuahnak hna, le ruanchannak hna  pin ahhin, LISD nihcun a taktak i minung hrim he i cawnpiaknak caah a hmun i i vennak hna zeitin dah a chiah lai timi kha a ruah cuahmah lio a si. Mah cucu thinlung chung te ah i chiah ziar in, kan khuatuaknak  idea cheukhat hna ah chungkhar ruahnak kan herh.

Zaangfah tein a tanglei i link hmang in hin  a tawinak in kan zohfiannak ah nan ruahnak nan rak kan pek nakhnga minute tlawmte nan hmang hna lai. Nan rak i tel caah nan cungah kan i lawm, August thla i nan dihlak in kan i hmuh ding caan kan rak cuan zungzal.