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ESVL Family Update | Aug. 28

Update includes technical issues, logging into Edgenuity and schedule flexibility.

Another week of virtual learning is in the books, and what a week it has been! We know this is a brand new experience for all of you, but remember, we are right there with you! We are all establishing new routines and determining what works best for our students. We will get there together!

A few updates for you:

Our staff has been working swiftly with Edgenuity’s highest level of technical support who have spent time onsite this week replicating and troubleshooting issues LISD students and staff have been experiencing. The two major technical areas of concern are:

  • Login issues (resolution provided below)
  • iPad settings (working towards a resolution; an update will be provided next week)
    • For now, if your child’s iPad screen freezes with the message “single sign on processing request”, please make sure you clear the history in the Safari app and you have the settings correct (see settings page)
    • For any iPad, it is essential you are using the most current iOS version (See iOS page)
    • When your child completes their Edgenuity work for the day, make sure they log out of the program each day.
    • An improved approach to submitting technical questions will be available soon.

We realize families were experiencing consistent issues logging into Edgenuity throughout the week. Beginning Monday, Aug.31, please follow these steps in order to login to the program: 

LISD Issued iPads
An Edgenuity icon will be available on your device that students will use to sign in.

Bring Your Own Device or Chromebooks
If you have your own device or a Chromebook you will need to sign in here.

Students will continue to use their current username and password when logging in.

Please note, do not use the link provided in earlier training or reference documents.

We are hearing from many of you that families and students are overwhelmed with completing assignments on a certain timeline. We have met with all campus principals and we want to assure you families have the option to work with teachers and campus principals on any flexibility that is needed regarding completion of work.

We know with any digital material there are learning curves to work through, making the experience frustrating at times for both students and teachers. Please know, teachers will be readily available to assist families and students in any areas where they might be experiencing difficulty, providing additional time as needed to work through solutions. Families should work directly with their teachers should they need any extensions on assignments in order for their child to be successful.  

We have received feedback requesting assignments be available to access prior to the next morning. We hear you and we want you to know administrators will be working with teachers to provide families access to materials for the next day at the conclusion of each school day.  Materials for Monday will be accessible at the end of the day on Friday each week.

As we continue to work through the challenges we are facing, please know we are dedicated to providing the best education possible to our students, no matter the learning pathway. Our teachers, principals, and virtual pathway administrators are here to help and want to work through your concerns. We will get through these first few weeks together, and look forward to smoother days ahead with our students.