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March 24 Update

Tech Needs & FAQ

LISD Families, 

We know these are uncertain and unprecedented times, and while we may be apart, we are still in this together

Many counties, cities and towns are putting emergency orders in place requiring individuals to stay at home, except for very limited and specific reasons. All LISD facilities - including outdoor areas like playgrounds and tracks - will remain closed through April 3, with longer closures being a possibility. We continue to closely monitor information from health experts, and local, state and national leaders. 

In this reminder, you will find information regarding:

  • At-Home Learning
  • Technology Needs
  • Free Meals
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Self-guided learning opportunities are now available at These opportunities are optional and intended to engage students during this time. Self-guided learning will be used through April 3 (elementary) and March 27 (secondary). Middle and high school students will hear from their campus by March 30 with more details. As we continue to develop our plans, additional information will be provided to families. 

LISD will provide learning tools our families can use in the coming weeks. We would like to determine what technology tools families may need, such as Internet access at home or a device for your student to use for learning. If your family has technology needs, please complete this form by noon Wednesday, March 25, and we will reach out to see how we can help

Currently, LISD is serving free lunch and breakfast grab & go meals, via drive-thru to all children age 18 or under. No student ID is required, but students must be present to receive a meal, as required by state and federal guidelines. For specific locations and times visit

We know there are a lot of questions, and we are trying our best to get them answered as soon as possible. As answers become available, they will be added to the frequently asked questions page:

While all LISD facilities remain closed, the latest updates and resources can be found at We are a strong community and will continue to support one another through this time. Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Lewisville ISD family.    

LISD Chungkhar hna,

A tu lio kan ton mi cu chim awk ah a tha lo mi le kan ton bel lo mi thil a si leng ah hmun khat te zong ah kan um  kho lo. A si na in kan zaa pi te in mah cu caan ah cun kan um ti dih hmunkhat te ah kan tuan ti hna lai.

Ram tam pi le khua tam pi nih cun inn ah um ding in bia khiah nak an ngeih thluah mah cang  a si nain a cheukhat zung le a dang dang khar awk ah a tha lo mi pawl long an awn cang lai. LISD chung poh poh cu khar a si dih ve lai, kan sianginn kip I len te celh nak bawling chuih nak ti ban tuk pawl zong April 3 hlan tiang khar an si dih ve lai. Ngandam nak lei I kan bawi pawl sin in si she kan ram le khua hna I hruai tu pawl an aw ann kan ngeih cuah mah lio a si ko.

A tu a thar in thawng thanh nak ah nan hmuh hnga ding mi pawl cu:

  • Inn in caa cawn ning
  • Technology (phone/ipad/computer/internet) lei in herh pang
  • A lak in rawl lak nak kong
  • Cun bia hal nak leh nak pawl

Inn in caa cawn ning
Mah tein in inn ah caa cawn nak kong lam tu a tu in zoh a ngah cang Ah kal in zoh khawh a si lai. Mah tuah ding hi nan tuah hrim hrim a herh mi si lo duh thim a ngah mi a si. Mah kan tuah hnawh chan cu nan fa le inn an um nak um har lo in an um har pheng tu ah a si. Elementary sianginn hngakchia poh poh nih mah hi April 3 tiang an hman lai I Middle school in a cung lei sianginn hngakchia poh poh nih March 27 tiang an hman lai. Middle school le high school sianginn hngakchia pawl nih March 30  ah an sianginn lei in thawng pang an theih te lai I zei dah an tuah a herh ti mi cu thawng an thanh te hna lai. Mah thil kan tuah mi cu a than cho nak hnga kan I zuam lai chungkhar hna sin ah thawng pang thar zong thawng thanh khawh kan I zuam than te lai.

Technology lei in a herh mi
LISD nih cun chungkhar hna nih she thilri lei he peh tlai in chan bau nak nan ngeih a si ah cun a tu a ra lai mi zerh chung ah bawmh khawh kan in zuam hna lai. Internet, si lo le caa tuah nak ah ipad si lo le computer ti pawl hngakchia nih an herh I nan ngeih lo a si ah cun bomh khawh nan si lai. Mah lei ah bomh nan herh a si ah cun mah form(hmet) hi Nithum ni March 25 chun nazi 12 hlan ah rak kan phih piak te uh law kan in bawmh khawh hna le bawmh khawh lo hnga ding cu thanwg fiang tein kan in thanh than te hna lai.

A lak in rawl ei/lak nak
A tu lio caan ah LISD nih a lak in rawl pek nak a tuah cuah mah lio a si. Motor cung in tum hau lo in lak a ngah lai. Nan fa le kum 18 tang poh poh nih an lak khawh lai I, an sianginn ID te ban tuk zong kan hal lai lo a si nain an mah nan fa le hrim hrim nih an in zulh ve hna a hau lai a ruang cu kan cozah nih Phunglam zulh ding ah a ngeih mi a si. A tam deuh in theih na duh ah cun mah kaa ah hin zoh khawh a si lai

BIA hal nak le LEH nak
Bia hal ding/awk tam pi nan ngeih kan theih ko a si nain kan sikhawh chung in bia hal awk nan ngeih mi cu leh khawh kan I zuam cuah mah lio ve ko. Mi tam pi nih bia hal nak an tuah mi an hal khun mi pawl bia hal nak le leh nak cu mah wekbite ah zoh khawh a si lai Cun mah leng in biahal nak a um rih a si I kan leh khawh mi a si ah cun mah kha wesite ah khan kan rak tial chih than te lai.

LISD zung le sianginn poh poh khar lio caan ah a hnu bik thawng pang le thawng thanh nak cu mah kaa ah hin hmuh khawh a si lai. Kan nih cu a thawng mi community kan si I pakhat le pakhat zong I lio caan ah in kan I bawm cio hna lai. Lewisville ISD chungkhar chung ah nan I tel ve caah kan I lawm tuk.



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