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March 22 Update

At-Home Learning

LISD Families, 

Even as we continue monitoring conditions across our communities and across our country to determine how to best move forward in the face of COVID-19, my first thought is about the health and well-being of all our students and families. I hope all of you are doing okay during this challenging time. 

As a reminder, all LISD facilities will remain closed through April 3, including Pre-K, Discovery Academy and our after school Extended School Day (ESD) services. 

In this update, you will find information regarding:

General Communication
At-Home Learning
Free Meals
Internet Options


During this time we will have very limited capabilities to answer phone calls, but we will soon have a call system in place to help with instructional and technology questions. We ask that you continue checking the LISD website - - for the latest information.

In some ways we are fortunate our spring break came a week after many other area districts, because it gives us the opportunity to learn from them as we develop our plans. I ask for your patience and grace as we continue developing our plans to serve students and families. 

Staff members across our district worked throughout spring break to prepare for the massive task to continue instruction for students while schools are closed in response to COVID-19. That work will continue into next week, and we will soon be prepared to share those plans with you. 

Your principals and teachers will be reaching out to you soon with more information about where we go from here. Every family can expect a phone call from their campus by March 31. Our teachers already miss their students, and want to hear their voices! This also serves as an opportunity to check in with families, see how you are doing, and ask what your needs are.


Optional home learning opportunities can be found at

  • Elementary self-guided learning plans will be available through April 3. 
  • Middle School and High School self-guided learning plans will be available through March 27, and students will begin receiving learning plans from their campus March 30. 
  • We are committed to assisting families with continued learning support as we ease into this new version of school, but the information for the first week includes activities families can do together, and do not require assistance from our teachers. 

Please know - we do not expect you to hold a full school day with your children! We want to provide you with some helpful resources for you and your students, but we know this will not be the same as them being in class with our amazing teachers. Please be patient with us as additional resources are developed, and more support from LISD becomes available. 


Beginning Monday, March 23, LISD will serve two meals, via drive-through, grab & go only, to all students who wish to participate at 8 campus locations. Breakfast will be served from 7:30 a.m. until 8:30 a.m. and lunch will be served from 11 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Any student or child age 18 or under is eligible for service and all meals are free of cost. No student ID is required but the student must be present at the time of pickup to receive a meal, as required by state and federal guidelines.


In response to COVID-19, several internet and mobile providers are offering discounted or free plans. For more information click here

I know you have many questions about what the next few weeks (and possibly longer) will hold, but as always, our primary concern is the well-being of our students, our families, and our community members. We will get through this time TOGETHER, with our focus remaining taking care of each other, and being there for each other. 

Thank you for your continued support of LISD. 


Kevin Rogers, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Lewisville Independent School District

LISD Chung Khar Hna

COVID-10 kong he peh tlai in kan pawng kam le kan ram le ram leng i a cang mi thil si ning cu kan zoh cuah mah lio a si. Mah lio caan ah pakhat nak ah khua ka ruah mi cu kan Sianginn kai mi kan fa le le chungkhar hna ngam dam nak kong hi a si. Tu lio ban tuk in har nak kan ton cuah mah lio ah nan chung khar cio sin ah hna ngam nak le dam nak nan hmuh lai tiah zumh nak ka ngei.

Thawngthanh nak, LISD Sianginn le zung poh poh cu April 3 tiang khar a si lai. Mucu a kai lio mi si hna seh sianginn dih hnu in sianginn a tang mi hna zong khar a si dih lai.

Mah thawngthanh nak ah nan hmuh hnga ding mi pawl cu:

Inn in caa cawn ning
A men lo in rawl lak nak
Internet lei he peh tlai in

COVID-10 he pehtlaih in sianginn kan khar nak kong ah kan nih LISD cu kan pawng kam sainginn pawl nak in zerhkhat hnu deuh ah Spring Break kan ngeih cu kan caa ah a tha hnam ngai ngai. A ruang cu kan pawng kam hna nih hi lio caan ah zei tin in dah an I huai ti mi kha kan zoh i an sin in bawmh nak tam pi kan i lak khawh. Zangfah nak tein nawl kan duh mi hna cu hi lio caan ah hmai lei zei tin in dah kan i hruai ning a si lai tiah kan zoh cuah mah lio ah lung sau tein na kan hngah nak lai kan in nawl hna.

COVID-19 ruang ah sianginn kan khar nak chung ah hmun kip kaa kip in singinn saya/mah te nih Spring Break lio ah khan hmai lei I kan I hruai nak ding kong cu tuak tan cio a si. Kan hnu lei zerh long si lo in hmaizerh lei zong ah kan zoh cuahmah than ko lai I a hnu deuh ah nu le pa le chung khar hna cu theih ter nak kan in tuah than te hna lai.

Spring Break sianginn khar lio ah khan chungkhar tam pi hna nih thawng pang na kan hal leng mang I a dang zong bia hal ding tam pi nan ngei ko lai a si nain a tu lio caan ah cun bia leh awk kan in thei rih hna lo. Mah ruang ah cun a tu lio ah nu le pa sin in bia hal a tam bik mi pawl cu kan rak tial lai I a bia leh mi pawl he nan mah sin zong ah thawng kan thanh than te lai.

Nan sianginn uk tu le saya/mah te hna nih a roh hlan ah hmailei kan I hruai nak ding kong cu thawng an in thanh colh hna lai. Chungkhar nih sin ah nan fa le sainginn kai nak sianginn sin in March 31 hlan ah phone chawnh nak nan hmuh te lai. Kan saya/mah te nih an sianginn hngakchia pawl hna cu kan ngai tuk hring hran cang hna I an aw zong theih kan duh tuk cang. Mah ruang cun nan sin cio ah sianginn lei in phone an in chawnh hna lai I nan si ning hal nak le nan bia hal duh mi leh nak te te cu kan tuah te lai.

Thawng pang thar kan ngeih mi

Inn in caa cawn ning

A tu lio kan ton mi thil  hi kan caa ah a thar mi a si ve a si nain LISD nih kan si khawh chung in nan fa le fim thiam nak lei ah bawmh khawh kan I zuam lai. Zangfah nak tein theih ter kan in duh mi hna cu nan fa le kha chun ni tlak inn ah caa rak chim hna uh kan in ti duh hna nak a si lo. Kan I ruah chan mi cu nu le pa hna kha bawmh khawh kan I zuam mi tu kha a si.

Inn in caa cawn ning theih deuh na duh ah cun mah kaa ah hin kal  

Tangcheu in Tang nga tiang a kai mi sianginn hngakchia hna nih mah website kha March 23 in April 3 tiang an hman khawh lai. Tang 6 in a cung lei poh poh kha cu March 23 in March 27 tiang kha mah website kha an hman lai i. March 30 hnu in cun an sianginn in zerh fa tin online in tuah hnga ding mi pawl kuat an si te lai. Mah tluk hnu ah kan tuah nak a ruang cu kan sianginn saya/mah te hna kha caan pek an hauh ruang ah a si. Nu le pa phone chawnh nak caan le mah online in kan kal nak lai ding caah a herh mi thilri pawl pek caan.

A men lo in rawl lak nak

Nikhat ni March 23 thawk in cun LISD nih ni khat ah voi hnih a men lo in rawl pek nak kan ngei lai. A hmun ah rak lak I inn ah I tin pi a si lai. Rawl pek nak cu sianginn ah a si lai I hmun 8 in a um lai. Breakfast cu zing 7:30 in 8:30 tiang long a si lai. Cun chun caw cu zing 11:00 in chun 12:30 tiang long a si lai. Sianginn hngakchia kip si lo le kum 18 tang a si m poh poh cu a men lo in pek an si lai. An Siangin ID cu ken a hau lai lo a si nain an mah hngakchia hrim kha a hmun ah an rak rat ve a hau lai, a ruang cu cozah lei in phung lam zul ding kan ngeih mi a si.

Internet lei in thawngpang

COVID-19 ruang ah kan pawng kam internet company le phone company pawl nih a men lo in si lo le men fawi tein internet lak khawh nak an tuah. Mah kong lam theih an duh ah cun mah kaa hi  hmet.

A tu lio ah sianginn kan khar lai mi zerhhnih chung(a sau zong sau deuh kho men) mi chung ah bia hal awk tam pi nna ngei ka theih ko a si nain kan caah a bia pi bik in kan chiah mi cu nan chungkhar cio ah dam nak nan hmuh nak hnga hi a si. Hmunkhat te ah mah har nak cun kan chuak ti hna lai, kan tuah a herh mi cu pakhat le pakhat I zoh khenh le hmunkhat te ah um ti hi a si.

LISD na kan dir pi nak cung ah lung lomh nak tam pi kan ngei

Kevin Rogers, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Lewisville Independent School District


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