May be found at www.studentscholarships.org



    Downing Middle School 

    One $500 scholarship available 

    1. Applicant must be a DMS alumni from the Class of 2016. 
    2. Applicant must be a graduating high school senior in the year of the award (2020).
    3. Applicant must demonstrate positive-impact involvement – in the complete sense – consistent with capacity and circumstances and/or significant improvement/success in scholarship and community involvement, determined through letters of recommendation. 
    4. Applicant must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher 
    5. Applicant or family member must be a member of PTA or PTSA 

    Application can be found in the front office

    Deadline: April 17, 2020 by 4:10 pm 


    GLASA Scholarship

    $6,000 scholarship available 

    1. Student must be graduating from a GLASA area High School in the award year with a 3.0 minimum GPA.
    2. Student must be pursuing a degree full time at an accredited College or University (2 or 4 yr.), Trade, or Technical School. Recipients must be enrolled in the fall semester of the award year.
    3. The applicant must have played soccer or contributed to the soccer community in the Greater Lewisville area. This includes referees, coaching, concessions, or other volunteer work. This is not an athletic scholarship and you do not have to be a "Select" caliber player to apply. If you love the game and have actively participated at any level or length of time, please fill out the application.

    Application and more information are in the front office at MHS

    Deadline: March 2, 2020 


    Marcus PTSA Scholarship 

    The recipients of the Marcus PTSA scholarships must be 2020 graduates and members of Marcus PTSA prior to January 31st, 2020. Selection is based upon a variety of factors that emphasize merit, not simply academic standing or financial need. Merit is demonstrated through evidence of motivation, school and community involvement, and a desire to succeed. Fill in only those areas that apply to you.

    Online application: http://marcusptsa.org/scholarship-application/

     Application deadline is no later than 4:00 p.m., Friday, March 27, 2020


    Flower Mound Seniors in Motion

    Two scholarships are available 

    Short essay required entitled “Why Seniors Are Important to the Community.” 

    Application can be found in the front office 

    Deadline: April 20, 2020- not later than 4:30 pm 



    Denton County Aggie Scholarship

    Applicant Criteria 

    • Be an incoming freshman
    • Live within or parents live in Denton County  
    • Graduate of a Denton County High School
    • Have applied to attend Texas A&M University for the upcoming fall semester
    • Maintain a 2.0 GPA, if awarded
    • Complete and submit the application within the application deadline


     Deadline: March 21, 2020 


    Visionary Scholarship Program

    Multiple winners ranging from $1,000 to $5,000

    Sophomores, Juniors, and First Semester Seniors are eligible

    Application can be found at www.Amerciancollegefoundation.org

    Use invitation code to apply: M13227

    Deadline:  May 1, 202


    Ronald McDonald Scholarship Program

    “For students who are exemplary role models in their communities and have the initiative to fulfill their educational goals.”

    Application can be found at www.rmhcntx.org

    Deadline: February 28, 2020


    WTS Scholarship Opportunity

    Several Scholarships for women pursuing careers in transportation

    Details and information can be found at: http://www.wtsinternational.org/greaterdallas/scholarships/

    Or in the front office



    Fort Worth Scottish Rite Foundation Scholarship

    Fifty (50) scholarships for $1,500 each are being offered.

    *5 will be set aside for students attending community college 

    Application may be found in the front office

    Deadline: February 28,2020


    Oxygen Scholarship

    Minimum scholarship is $1,000

    To be eligible for consideration for the oxyGEN scholarship applicants must:

    • Demonstrate a passion for a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) topic, but they are NOT required to be pursuing a degree in a STEM field
    • Enroll in an accredited 2- or 4-year undergraduate program within the U.S. for the 2020-2021 school year
    • Complete the scholarship application by February 28, 11:59 pm ET. This deadline will not be extended, incomplete applications will not be considered

    Application may be found at: https://ebiznet.sbc.com/oxygen/oxy/scholarship/index.cfm


    NTCRA Environmental Sustainability Scholarship

    $500 available for three candidates 

     Applicants must meet the following requirements: 

     Be a current North Texas Area High School senior with a current GPA of 3.0 or above and have demonstrated a desire to study Environmental Sustainability through course work, work, or volunteerism.

    • Be a current college student at the above listed Universities with a current GPA of 3.0 and working towards a degree in Environmental Sustainability or similar area of study.

      Applicants and previous recipients have the ability to reapply annually for the scholarship. Students may receive the scholarship up to four years. Scholarship recipients will be highly encouraged to attend the NTCRA gR3 een Awards’ ceremony. 

     Application can be found in the front office

    Deadline: March 1st 2020 



    Baylor Scott & Wise

    Two scholarships worth $3,000 will be awarded

    In order to be eligible for the scholarship:

    • The scholarship applicant must be planning to pursue a career in the medical field.
    • The scholarship applicant must be a high school senior graduating from high school in the 2019-20 school year.

    Application can be found in the front office

    Deadline: Noon on Friday, March 27, 2020

    TASSP  Teens Serving Texas Award

    This award recognizes high school seniors who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of service, leadership, and personal accomplishments.

    Five $500 scholarship available 

    Application is in the front office 

    Deadline: March 2, 2020


    TASSP Academic Excellence Award

    Twenty $500 scholarships are available 

    This award recognizes high school seniors and their outstanding academic accomplishments 

    Application is in the front office

    Deadline: March 2, 2020


    National Society of Professional Engineers - Fort Worth Chapter 2019-2020 Scholarship

    NSPE will award scholarships to students studying to become engineers in an engineering program at an ABET-accredited (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) college or university.

    To be eligible for a NSPE Chapter Scholarship a student must 

    : • Be a United States citizen.

    • Be a high school senior with a 3.0 or higher GPA entering college in the fall of 2020. 
    • Have scored at least a 620 in math, a 580 in reading & writing on the SAT, or a 29 in math and a 25 in English on the ACT.
    • Enroll in an ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accredited engineering program to receive funding in fall 2020. (Visit www.abet.org and click on “Find ABET-Accredited Programs” to obtain a listing). 

    Application is in the front office

    Deadline is February 28, 2020 



    Gabriel Smiles Scholarship

    $150 one-time scholarship will be awarded to two graduating high school seniors with a documented learning disability/physical disability

    Please respond to at least two of the following questions (Approximately 200 words or 3 minute video):

    1. What do you think is the biggest challenge about your physical disability/learning disability?
    2. What do you want to accomplish while in college, vocational or technical training program, or a specialized program?
    3. Who is your role model? Why?
    4. Why do you deserve GabrielSmiles’ scholarship?

    Application must include a letter of recommendation from past or present principal, teacher/co-teacher. 

    Information can be found in the front office 

    Application DeadlineApril 20, 2019.