• PLEASE NOTE:  In order to allow campuses to prepare for the end-of-school, flyers are not approved for distribution the last two weeks of school. The deadline to send home flyers is May 9, 2019. 

    Welcome to Community Opportunities!

    In an effort to streamline campus communication regarding community activities that may be beneficial to our students and families, the district is utilizing electronic communication to deliver handouts and promotional brochures. The listings in this area do not constitute an endorsement of any agency, group, organization or business by Lewisville ISD.

    Submission to the online Community Folder

    Information is approved by LISD Communications and updated on a regular basis and is posted on the district and campus websites.

    Non-profit groups may post information at no cost. For-profit groups are allowed to post information for a $100 donation. Funds will be utilized to provide professional learning opportunities to teachers in Lewisville ISD. For-profit groups can click here to donate. Send submissions to communications@lisd.net.

    Please email all documents in .pdf (Portable Desktop Format) only.

    Board Policy

    GKDA (LOCAL) - Community Relations: Advertising and Fund Raising in the Schools