• The Lewisville Independent School District values the privacy of its students and employees. Data is a valuable commodity, and institutions must remain vigilant to protect the privacy of data entrusted to them. LISD is committed to taking the steps necessary to be a trusted caretaker of the personal information within its responsibility. Furthermore, the district encourages students, parents, and employees to become educated on the issue of data privacy and security. 

  • Texas Data Privacy Agreement

    • Texas Data Privacy Agreement - Governed by the Texas K-12 CTO Council, this new data privacy agreement (DPA) was developed in conjunction with the Texas Education Agency, Texas Association of School Boards, and several school districts around the state (including Lewisville ISD). Every school district in Texas is encouraged to utilize this new DPA to provide common standards and expectations for student data privacy to vendors working within the state. Lewisville ISD administers this agreement with vendors to help ensure the data privacy and security of its students and staff.
  • LISD Data Sharing Agreement

    • Lewisville ISD Data Sharing Agreement - Prior to utilizing the Texas Data Privacy Agreement, the District developed a standard data sharing agreement to be incorporated into vendor agreements to protect student data privacy and security.
  •  TLE Seal

    Trusted Learning Environment Seal

    In September 2016, Lewisville ISD was one of only seven school systems nationwide, and the only in Texas, to receive the Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal from CoSN, the national association for school system technology leaders.

    The Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal is a mark of distinction for school systems, signaling that they have taken measurable steps to implement practices to help ensure the privacy of student data.