Mr. Alex Rodriguez



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Alex Rodriguez

Degrees and Certifications:

Texas Woman's University

Bachelor of Arts in Drama

Minor in Education

Certifications: EC-12 Theatre Arts


I am so excited to join the Lewisville Theatre Team!!! This will be my 7th year teaching. I graduated in 2011 from Texas Woman's University with my BA in Drama with a Minor in Education. I previously have worked at Marcus High School and Denton Guyer High School.

  • Contact Information



    Twitter: @TeacherArod


    Class Schedule

    1st Period - Theatre Arts 1

    2nd Period - Conference Period

    3rd Period - Tech Theatre 1

    4th Period - Ovation: Varsity 



  • Block Lunch Schedule 

    Monday A: Lunch/ B: Advisory-Lecture Hall

    Tuesday A: Musical Theatre Club/ B: Lunch

    Wednesday A: Lunch Detention Duty/ B: Lunch

    Thursday - A: Lunch Detention Duty/ B: Lunch

    Friday - A: Lunch Detention Duty/ B: Lunch