•  Focus on the Future (FOF) offers post-secondary transition services for LISD students with developmental disabilities. The goal of FOF is to provide a seamless transition to life after school by providing multiple opportunities to learn and use the skills necessary to function as independently as possible.  FOF covers a wide continuum of student needs and services to address and work collaboratively toward post-secondary outcomes.  Based on individual interests and choices, students will participate in a variety of activities so that the last day of school is identical to the first day of the rest of their lives.

    Because each student has unique post-secondary outcomes, the programming for every student is individually tailored. As a student progresses through FOF and become more independent, their schedule and support services follow suit. Some supports throughout FOF include:

                   Daily living skills
                   Meal preparation and cooking
                   Planning and use of public transportation
                   Participation in leisure activities
                   Participation in student run businesses
                   Transition to adult service partners and agencies
                   Career exploration
                   Seeking and maintaining employment
                   Money management
                   Self-advocacy and self determination