• Art Club will have a Fall and Spring session that meets on Tuesday’s from 2:55pm-4:00pm in Ms. Sessums’ Art Room offered to 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students. 

    Fall session is from October 13th – November 17th.

    Spring TBA


    We will be using a variety of media and each young artist will be getting extra studio time in the art room to work on more advanced projects. In order to purchase supplies it cost $10 to join art club.

    You must apply online to join and only the first 20 students will be accepted into Art Club.

    Art Club applicants should:
    - Have a history of working creatively
    - Take artwork seriously
    - Enjoy discussing artwork with others
    - Work well as a team
    - Have good art studio habits and behaviors
    - Be interested in trying different types of art projects
    - Be focused on completing projects
    - Be a student in good standing in all subjects