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    Posted by Kellie Quintanilla on 8/22/2018

    If you were unable to attend open house last night please read the following information.  You will also need to complete the travel release form and sign the last page of the policies and procedures (link to the forms are below this post)


    Meet the Coaches:

    Volleyball and Cross Country: Coach Kellie Quintanilla:

    Track: Coach Kaylee Dwyer:

    Soccer: Coach Ashley Finley:

    Basketball and Athletic Coordinator: Coach Julie McMinn:


    Please fill out the Travel Release Form so that we have it on file with us at every athletic event. In doing so, you will have the ability to take your daughter home with you (instead of her riding the bus home) any time the need arises when we are at another school. All you will have to do is sign her out with us after the final game of the evening. See the instructions for filling it out below.



    All Athletes will stay to watch and support all teams.   If your daughter is on the B or C teams, they are expected to stay for the A team game as well.

    All athletes have clean up duties after the home games.

    Athletes will be transported to and from games by school bus. If you wish to drive your daughter home from a game, she still needs to stay for all games and you will need to have a travel release form.



    If your daughter is going to be absent from school and/or practice, she needs to email us prior to practice and let us know.

    If you have been placed on a team, it is important that you not miss school. Everyday we are learning something new and when you miss practice you fall behind. Missing practice will lead to less playing time, and if it becomes chronic it could mean being removed from the team.



    Athletes must pass all classes in order to be eligible for athletics. Any grade below 70 at the end of the first 6 weeks will make you ineligible to participate in games. Grades will then be checked again 3 weeks later…if passing all classes at that time, you will become eligible again.


    Parent Notes:

    To sit out of athletics for an illness or injury are good for that day only. If you need more than a day, then you will need a doctor’s note. A doctor’s note should include your restrictions so that an alternate workout can be assigned.


    Chain of Communication:

    If your daughter is unhappy or has questions regarding her role on a team. Please encourage her to come to talk to her coach instead of the parent making the call. If after the coach and athlete talk there is still unresolved questions then we can set up a parent conference. We are trying to teach accountability and responsibility to these young ladies so we want them to speak up for themselves.


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